Black Afgan

Eau de Parfum

by Mad et Len

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The Scoop

Welcome to the dark side of musk- midnight-black velvet layers of oud-tinged mystery with fiery spice lurking beneath the surface. This is fragrance as a holy garment, a cloak of powerful sensuality to connect you to a different plane of reality. You don't wear Black Afgan- you let it envelop you.

Black Afgan Sizes Available
50ml $165
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Black Afgan...
Discovered in the Boxing Day sample pack, and it went right on my buy list. Dark, warm, compelling, leathery, smoky, with a bit of spice. Just gorgeous.
By   - Academic from Tempe, AZ on 1/11/2017
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