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A very exclusive fragrance! It is wrapped in black paper, comes in a metal container, and it then put in a cardboard box. All this so light won't punctuate the bottle, and make the fragrance evaporate. I love it. The scent is strong- all you need it one or two shots and you will be covered for the whole day.
By   - Artist from Southfield on 3/23/2021
This is an interesting scent. The way it smells right when it goes on is the same way it smells hours later. On me it's soft and pleasant and smells like salt, in a unique and good way. It definitely stays close to the skin. It does last a long time, but I have to press my nose against my skin to smell it after awhile.
By   - Communications from Pittsburgh on 12/27/2020
I originally came across this fragrance back in 2017, but I couldn't get it at the time. Now that I own it, I love it. I also love that Mad Et Len puts their bottles in metal cases so that light cannot pass through, thus slowly evaporating the fragrance.
By   - Artist from Southfield on 9/17/2020
Let me start by saying that this fragrance is absolutely magical! A beautiful, subtle, crazily sensual, skin scent that is EXACTLY what I look for in a fragrance. The problem is, it fades moments after I spray it on--even when I use a primer first. I sooo wish I could figure out how to make it last---if I could, this would easily unseat all of my musk-based skin scent faves, like All that Matters, le Musc et La Peau, Musc Blue, Essential Faith, etc. Alas, it is as fleeting as it is beautiful. And at this price point, that's a deal breaker.
By   - Psychologist from Washington on 7/15/2020
What a beautiful scent! It comes off as a spicy cinnamon jellybean meeting a woody forest. It prefers to remain subtle as I would more classify this as a toilette. Incredible scent.
By   - Sales Exec from Minneapolis on 3/27/2020
I actually bought a sample of this 9 months ago and didn't get around to wearing it till now (I buy WAY too many samples way too frequently lol) Now I'm absolutely kicking myself because dear god am I in love with this fragrance. The description is spot on, it absolutely hovers around you but not in the sense that the whole room can smell you the second you walk in. It's delicious but in no way gourmand. I've sampled a lot of "skin" or musk scents recently and I've really loved a lot of them....but this one just blows them all out of the water. There is absolutely no discernible notes in this scent, unlike say "Messy sexy just rolled out of bed" (vanilla and musk) or "Blanc Poudre" (powder and musk), it's just.....indescribably good.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/25/2019
I got this as a sample included with a buy. This one's definitely a case of 'you get what you pay for.' The notes listed are exactly what it smells like - it's incredibly linear, it's doesn't evolve or change over a period of time. But to its credit, it doesn't scream into a room before you go in and it doesn't linger when you leave - it stays very close to the skin, where it should. It's a very long lasting, very expensive, basic (but quality) musk. But in this case, 'basic' isn't such a bad thing. If I loved musk, this would probably be the one I'd buy.
By   - Home maker, husband extreme. from Pawleys Island, SC on 1/4/2019
The scent itself is 5 starts. The only is issue is how subtle it comes off. I can barely smell it on me when I'm wearing it. I've used up to 5 sprays and by the end of the day it's barely there!
By   - Manager from Chicago on 2/10/2018
For a softer perfume I found this to be enticing and last a fairly long time. It can appear faint but actually has a peppery booze that cuts through. It's very "regal" in a way, like the description says it has a "poise" to it and seductiveness that I do not expect for such a fresh scent. I typically hover towards leather and unnatural scents - this scent is a bit of relief from that without straying too far from my go-to.
By   - Dev from Seattle on 5/2/2017
was pretty disappointed in this as it's so faint, even with my heavy hand i couldn't smell it on me. it's nice straight out of the bottle--a soft musc...but i'm wondering if it might be better in summer when your body heat can bring out the scent. very pricey present...
By   - countess from Burnt Hills on 12/28/2016
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