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Not sure what I was expecting from this scent and not sure how to describe it either. It is a bit woody, a bit nostalgic from way back in kindergarten when I remember my teachers banging the blackboard erasers together outside creating clouds of chalk dust. But it didn't wow me and didn't create enough of a statement or garner any compliments to want to keep wearing it.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 4/30/2019
It takes a minute to assemble itself, but this odd thing -- slate, chalk dust, cedar, linseed oil (!), waxed leather -- is utterly not perfume-like, in the best possible way. It skirts mustiness but is far too dry to fall into that trap; instead, there’s a cool gravity, like pressing one’s cheek against a stone wall. Even in my small collection of mutants, this one stands out.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/18/2018
A lovely monochromatic riff on the wood and lead in pencil shavings. It has a moderate, subtle sillage and lasts for a moderate amount of time. I love to pair it with Poivre Colonial by Phaedon.
By   - Scent lover from Chicago on 4/2/2017
total scrubber. Obviously super subjective but this smelled like barbecue potato chips. And not those hella dope Kettle brand. Give it a shot if you must but if you're looking for somethings smoky and woody, this just smells way too synthetic to be worthwile
By   - University Student from Washington DC on 1/21/2017
Sharp cedar wood at the start, then it kind of mellows into a really nice, ashy/smoky modern leather fragrance. Doesn't project much, more of a skin scent, but I like this a lot.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 11/8/2016
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