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This reminds me, in the best possible way, of the scent and sensation of touching my tongue to chalk in an empty classroom — somehow both dusty and damp, with a beautiful wood-floor-dress-shoes sunlit stillness. Absolutely perfect in my home office, and the jar is a work of art unto itself.
By   - editor from Seattle on 11/5/2019
As I'm burning mine, the scent seems super faint. I can barely make it out. If that changes, I'll revise my review, but for now I'm rather disappointed by this candle, and expected much more out of it based on the description, price, company history, etc. That aside, the container is a beautiful construction. This is my first use of this company, but I still want to try other scents from this company...
By   - branding from ny on 5/4/2018
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