Vetiver Moloko

Eau de Parfum

by Ex Nihilo

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The Scoop

To the initiated, Moloko, the futuristic cocktail in A Clockwork Orange, conjures all sorts of associations: futuristic mod fashion, milky whiteness, and a dangerous, intoxicating vitality. With Vetiver Moloko, Ex Nihilo capitalizes on that imagery, delivering a fragrance on the one hand earthy and spiky, on the other soft and milky, which combine for an addictive, slightly unnerving symphony of scents that evolve on the skin with fascinating effect.

Vetiver Moloko opens with bright, lightly bitter bergamot and soft rose notes, revealing its dual nature straight from the beginning. In the heart, the tantalizing milk accord blurs the olfactory picture for a narcotizing effect, while woodsy cypress buzzes along the surface. Once the vetiver reveals itself, we realize just how potent this cocktail has been all along, while a drop of vanilla at the end re-balances. Whether you're out with the droogs or on the prowl for a chelloveck or devotchka, Vetiver Moloko is not to be missed.

Vetiver Moloko  Notes

Bergamot, Bulgarian rose, cypress, milk accord, vetiver, amyris, vanilla

Vetiver Moloko Sizes Available
50ml $225
100ml $325
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Vetiver Moloko...
Too tangy/citric for my taste, and not enough milkiness like I wanted. Still a nice perfume.
By   - Herbalist from San Francisco on 8/11/2016
A wonderful vetiver with a nice milk accord for contrast. It reminds me of Fat Electrician but much smoother. I dig it.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 2/1/2016
This does not work on my skin. It smells like a green curry on me. The bergamot and vetiver gives a lemongrass note while the milk and rose accords make a coconut milk like note that is awful. Glad I got samples. The Bois d"Hiver by the same brand is amazing.
By   - Artist from Savannah on 1/8/2016
I don't write reviews often. It has been a while since I've written one, but it was a must to write a positive review for this lovely perfume. There for a time vetiver didn't agree with me, but the more I worked with it, the more I loved it. I LOVE this milky, creamy vetiver. It's clearly there, but understated. I don't get much rose, but the milk accord, vetiver and vanilla come through. It is absolutely lovely. I will someday order a full bottle.
By   - Student from Sacramento on 1/1/2016
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