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Dark and sultry, dry and sweet, Taklamakan ripples like the sands of the desert for which it was named, engulfing you in an addictive cloud of smoky vanilla, luxurious caramel, richly spiced patchouli, and sumptuously balsamic resins under skies heavy with ambergris. Hot, dry desert winds blow from the east, bringing exotic luxuries from the ancient Spice Route, incense and opoponax, and setting ablaze a rich cadre of woods consisting of Chinese cedar, birch, cade, and guaiac. As they slowly envelop the dark vanilla at Taklamakan’s heart, dusty myrrh and sweet myrrh cast their magic in a haunting spell that is made all the richer by opulent sandalwood, luxuriously creamy tonka, chewy labdanum, and a drop of dry rose. In its drydown, Taklamakan becomes a comforting dream of golden amber infused with creamy plushness, dry woods, velvety resins, and soft spiciness. Powerful, deep, and long-lasting, Taklamakan entranced us with its sweet desert song, and has become a new favorite from Stephane Humbert Lucas.

Taklamakan  Notes

Bergamot, rose, patchouli coeur, black vanilla, tonka absolute, birch, cade, gaiac, cedar, myrrh, orris, tolu balsam, labdanum, ambreine, amber gris, benzoin, sandalwood, musk

Taklamakan Sizes Available
50ml $185
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Taklamakan...
Not so keen on this sample. Though husband likes it! There is a suggestion of sweat here. Reminds me very much of Kingdom (Alexander McQueen). Perhaps a few more nuances. Won't be pursuing further.
By   - Perfume enthusiast from Newcastle upon Tyne on 8/20/2016
4 stars because it reminds me of other scents, but it's incredibly well done. The opening does give an impression of warm sand. As it changes, it gets drier and woodier for a period, then becomes a slightly salty vanillic musk with some syrupy resins. Super smooth and no screechy synthetic woods, thank goodness. I only have a sample but would love to go full force with spraying. There are similarities to both Tauer L'Air du Desert Morocain and Lubin Korrigan. This could be their love child.
By   - Sniffer from NYC on 8/17/2016
This scent is amazing I've been trying for over a month to find a signature scent and this is it. I received a sample and fell in love it has so many layers to the scent. once it wears down it leaves a soft musky powder scent. I put it on in the morning and it lasted well over five hours.
By   - office manager from Silver Spring on 8/12/2016
Wow! I am going off the sample vial here, but I put half if it on me this morning and here we are 8 hours in and I'm still projecting good. I cant emphasize enough on how great this stuff smells. It doesn't compare to anything . It's a scent of its own. All the notes make one magnificent composition. The best part is that it's under $200! Wow, what a bargain for what you are receiving!
By   - Finance - Real Estate from Indianapolis on 8/5/2016
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