White Gardenia Petals

Eau de Parfum

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loving gardenia, I purchased this sample from LS for a very first try. I applied it liberally because it was not potent from the vial. it smelled fresh and clean with only a hint of gardenia, as some other reviews have made mention of. a little while after applying it, it shyly came out of its corner, and I found it to be very pleasant; reminding me of having just bathed with a simple French milled soap. I am addicted to soaps, too so this is one fragrance that would make a perfect 'everyday' perfume instead of my usual 'here I am!!' scents. I do wonder if sprayed from a bottle would it go on more intensely? not sure. but, I do like it very much.. wish there was smaller bottle available though..
By   - jewelry artist from HOMEWOOD on 4/28/2020
Funny I actually didn't even know who Kate Middleton was and no I don't live under a rock. I wish I did sometimes. I just love Gardenia. Gardenia Petale by Van Cleef & Arpel was my very first niche bottle of perfume many years ago. I was on the mailing list for this to be restocked for a sample. Waited a long time. When it was in stock I ordered a sample and I bought the bottle right away. This is an unapologetic soapy gardenia skin scent. It is not super green. It just smells elegant. I wear this to the gym and I get compliments all the time. It's a safe office scent too. Its a love for me.
By   - administrative from Yountville on 5/3/2019
Love, love love it.... I shall be placing an order, Thanks
By   - Assistant from South Miami on 12/30/2017
I received this as a complimentary sample with a bunch of others. Alas, I think there is too much LotV for this to work for me. It is harsh and metallic, just like I find most other LotV scents. A lot of people have mentioned hairspray, but I get bathroom cleaner. Scrubbing bubbles. :(
By   - Nonprofit executive from San Francisco Bay Area on 3/26/2017
Man. I love this. I put my sample in an empty spray vial and when I sprayed it last night I was wondering...why is this giving me nostalgia? Then I realized....this doesn't just smell like hairspray. It smells like the salon. I didn't realize I loved that smell until it was right under my nose. The first spray of WGP is sharp and almost chemical, fancy salon products...A smell that I did not realize I find absolutely intoxicating. Who knew? Drydown is a soft, almost creamy white floral. There is something almost generic about this one, but to me it is part of its charm. It's weird. It's good!
By   - Business owner from Ohio on 9/8/2016
I ordered a sample and fell in love with it. Very pleasant, soft and feminine. Smells wonderful from top to base. Highly recommended!
By   - Accountant  from Fargo on 2/10/2016
Straight after Kate Middleton's wedding and the hype about her perfume in the press, I ordered an original sample of this perfume from London where it is made. Loved, loved the sample in a tiny vial from UK. At that time it was not available in the USA. Fast forward to last month and my husband ordered a large bottle from Lucky Scent. Was so disappointed because when I sprayed it on, it smelt horrible, nothing like I remembered it. I found up the original sample from London and put a drop on one wrist and then the Lucky scent formula on the other wrist. They smelled nothing alike. The original sample from London still smelt wonderful and the Lucky Scent version smelt awful, smelling worse after a minute or two. I am not sure whether the perfume has been reformulated or whether it had gone off. It could have been affected by the shipping over from the UK or sitting in the hot UPS truck. I live in South Florida and its mid summer and the bottle arrived hot. I don't know what happened but this was not the same scent as the original sample that I bought from the UK right after the Royal Wedding.
By   - self employed from South Florida on 9/15/2014
I like it. And really, I don't get the bad reviews. I mean okay, if you're expecting a true gardenia scent, then I understand… this is not that. But it is nice for what it is, which is exactly what the name suggests: the scent of but a few petals. It's not necessarily delicate, nor is it green. It's more of a clean and subtly sweet, light white floral scent with low sillage and moderate longevity that is seasonless likely to be appropriate for any situation, at any time of day. It's pretty enough that, to me at least, it's not at all boring, but yes, I can agree that it's not going to win any medals for originality. In a nutshell, I'd say that if you're a true perfume lover who loves bold and complex scents, you won't be pleased. But if you're just someone looking for something that smells nice, feminine and somewhat floral, it's worth a try.
By   - from LA on 7/22/2014
Amazing perfume!!!!!I live last 2 hours in the cloud of divine flowers and dreams...Before this my favorite was Portrait of a Lady by Frderic Malle and now this one is new star...
By   - from Boston on 1/10/2014
It is very clean and elegant fragrance. I discovered that gardenia works very well with my skin chemistry. Love it!
By   - from Saint Louis on 3/22/2013
I really like this perfume. It is so light and soft and not overbearing. It has a scent that changes over time while wearing it. I also agree with some of the comments about the "soapy" smell after it dries down-but I really like the delicate softness which makes this so different from other perfumes I have ever tired. It may not be for everyone but it is a demure scent! Also, I am so happy with the free sample fragrances sent to me - they picked out what I had wanted to try :-)
By   - ARNP from Florida on 11/16/2012
I realize this may not be everyone's cup of tea; it's not a luscious, meaty Gardenia like you'll find in some of the more well-known Gardenia-themed perfumes, but it is a gardenia with a wonderful spring in her step. I actually like the lift the lily gives to the gardenia. This is a breezy fragrance, and I find it very easy to wear. The challenging part is that this DOES walk a very fine line between natural and artificial smelling. I can understand the references to hairspray, but luckily I like this very much on me, and it doesn't veer too close to hairspray territory on my skin. If you're looking for a straight-forward, drop-dead gorgeous Gardenia, try Van Cleef and Arpels Gardenia Petale.
By   - teacher from Portland, OR on 7/20/2012
Absolutly beautiful. Very clean and delicate. There are so many wonderful notes to this fragrance,noticable with your body movement.So glad I tried this as a sample will definately invest in this.
By   - stylist from Parma,Ohio on 4/22/2012
At first, sorry if my english is not verry well. I tried this fragance because princess catherine wore it at wedding. And I love it ! It's very fresh and discrete. It's looks like the princess. A negative point, it give me a little headache... But it's very great !
By   - from Nice on 11/25/2011
I'm glad I tried the sample first. The similarity to "hairspray" that so many others have mentioned is absolutely correct. It smells like a sweet, musk-like hairspray.
By  on 10/22/2011
I absolutely love this! It's gardenia, not too sweet and sticky. very elegant.
By   - from Tokyo on 9/27/2011
l got a sample of this because l liked the sound of the notes, but l'm extremely disappointed; l seem to be the only person here on whom this didn't work at all. l don't get any floral notes, certainly not gardenia, just a plasticky, hairspray-like smell, followed by a dry, synthetic coconut & clean, musky woods. l find it very light, very bland, & l'm so relieved l got a sample first. Please folks, if you truly love gardenia (as l do), try before you buy!
By   - from southampton uk on 9/20/2011
I absolutely love this - I ordered the sample first, and then splurged on a full bottle. This is very different than my usual 'go to' scent, which M Micallef's Note Vanilee. Something about this particular fragrance is just so fresh, pretty and elegant all at the same time. I love it and have received compliments on it, always a good thing! :)
By   - from Pittsburgh on 9/9/2011
Tuberose and a hint of coconut, but as it dries down there is a freshness that keeps the overall fragrance from becoming cloying and annoying. Sweet, creamy floral with a nice soft base. I like this, but it should be called Tuberose Petals. My holy grail Gardenia perfume is still Black Gardenia by Michelle Bergman.
By   - biotech from Masachusetts on 9/7/2011
This is very interesting, rather a blend of gardenia and powder. It's grown on me--first I thought, "If I want to smell like gardenia, I'll wear gardenia(like Kai), and if I want to wear powder(ie white musk), I'll wear "powder"(for me, Il Profumo Musc Bleu, which is right-out-of-the-shower heaven). But then, I figured out this dries to rather a sweet, LIGHT gardenia, so if you want a gardenia that smells much less "heavy", this could be it. I agree with a former reviewer that it would be lovely on a young woman, 18-early 30's, but I'm 44 and it also works beautifully on a woman of any age when, like me, you live in a hot climate and the heavy, strong scents either reek, don't work on you, or are nauseating in the heat. Excellent choice by the Duchess--it would make for a gorgeous wedding scent, too. Pretty and fresh... :-)
By   - from Dallas on 8/27/2011
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