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The scent is just superb , i bought a sample and am saving to get at least the little and good looking packaging this year. i like the smell. 5/5. it also lasts long. happy with sample - nothing to waste. thats just me a liking for amber and oud based frags.
By   - banker from CARROLLTON on 2/7/2021
Gorgeous woody-spicy ambered chypre. Bold, newly-cut wood with an intriguing, sensual whang of human sweat afoot, laced with warm cinnamon and lemony citrus. If Rochas FEMME offered a "brother" fragrance, this would be it: much the same notes as FEMME, but made drier, minus the peach-prune, and with the woody-cumin accord pushed forward. An overall presence of warmth and coziness. M is absolutely wonderful; your ultimate Fall-Winter scent. Easily unisex, I'd say.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 12/10/2018
Not listed on notes: Gravitational pull. It should be, because this scent certainly has it -- authoritative without being brash or brassy. This absolutely does fall in the leather family, but in the most civilized way -- less saddlebag, more exquisitely maintained car seating -- and it's paired throughout its loooooong fadeout with an earthy, mossy ash. (I suppose that's the note they're describing as "incense," but this iris fan felt very much at home with its reserve.) Hints of a vanilla and a remarkably liquid lemon round out the experience. Amazing work.
By   - editor from Seattle on 7/15/2016
Among Dove's greatest scents and a testament to his taste. A rich, captivating soft incensed leather, perfectly balanced, no aspect out of control or over the top. Every time I come back to it I'm surprised at how warm, compelling and comforting it is. It just smells really, really good. (But go easy on the application.)
By  on 1/10/2015
I really liked it going on, and for the first hour or so. It was a classic fragrance; a high-quality masculine scent. But after an hour or so, it turned into strong incense, and by God, the stuff would not wash off. It lasted 24+ hours, including through a shower. If you like heady incense, and like something that lasts and lasts, you might like this. Definitely give it a try. But it's just not for me. Which I am honestly a bit relieved about, given the price :-)
By   - Musician from Hollywood on 11/22/2013
This smells like the pants that a lumberjack would wear if he were inside a sugar shack. It smells totally different than you would think by just looking at the notes.
By   - would be community college prof. from Hamilton on 2/12/2013
Fresh-cut piece of wood is a very good description; I wish I could build a house out of wood that smelled like this. This stuff is stellar. I bought the small one and will replace it with a big one in a few weeks.
By   - Architect from San Jose on 1/16/2013
I sampled "M" after sampling approximately 20+ other scents, during a recent visit to The Scent Bar, and quite frankly, thought it to be mediocre at best. However, upon returning to TSB the next day, I made sure this was the first scent I sampled, and I'm so glad I did, as my nose was much too burned out the day before to appreciate this masterpiece; I bought it on the spot! Gents, if you want to impress the ladies, look no further!
By   - Musician/IT Tech from Boston on 1/5/2013
I got goose bumps the first time I smelled M. It reminds me of a spicy, freshly cut peice of wood.
By  on 8/16/2012
The scent does not justify the price on this fragrance. Its nice but nothing really special. Almost generic in scent.
By  on 4/3/2012
Love this. "Unisex" enough for both my husband and me. It is quite potent & long-lasting, just one dab is enough for most of the day. Our favorite (masculine) orientals are all pricey: Amouage Jubilation XXV, and Guerlain Habit Rouge in the extrait, but still the price of this one does give one pause. Still, Roja Dove hit it out of the park with Puredistance M. This is a good one to split among a group of fragrance aficianados, as 100 ml is WAY more than anyone will ever need....
By   - from Pennsylvania on 2/25/2012
By   - from chicago on 2/24/2012
after reading the reviews I couldn't wait to try this. All in all I have to say this scent is a bit too floral for my liking. It is a VERY feminine scent at the start but eventually winds down to something a guy might be able to wear. Sorry but I will not be purchasing this one.
By   - personal trainer from nyc on 1/12/2012
A perfect fragrance interpretation of what a gray Aston Martin might smell like in the hands of a sauve handsome gentleman. Bespoke quality that provides a reference point to judging other scents. It is that good.
By   - technical from san francisco on 1/2/2012
Not too many fragraces can garner as much praise as this one has done in its relatively short time on the market. Is all this kudos deserved or have many been somehow wooed by the clever marketing and the prestige. Well, I will say that all the hyperbole and superlatives are fitting and then some. How about touching Holy Grail territory with this creation from Mr Dove. Puredistance M just reeks of quality and is a master class in how to execute a scent design concept perfectly. I initially thought "vintage" and "old refinement " after first trying it. Then all the fragrance layers just kept unfolding for hours on my skin. Nothing short of addictive that will bring a smile to your face and make you feel splendid. Now, everything else in my collection seems to pale next to this great one .
By   - technology from nor cal on 12/30/2011
I really wanted to dislike this: the price, the pretension, the oh-so-precious packaging. But it's great. Lemon, heavy spices, and a truly luxurious leather. Doesn't sound like it would work but man does it. Of the dozens of things I own, this is the one that puts a smile on my girlfriend's face every time. Apply sparingly -- it's quite strong.
By   - Game designer from Seattle on 7/4/2011
Pure disappointment compared to all the hype. For me it comes down to this: distinct leather opening with complex, sweet undertones and smoke that segues rather quickly into a rich amber, spiced with cinnamon and other winter spices. Maybe cumin as well. Worn on a summer day I felt it became a somewhat sickening and sweet/sour tree sap. Longevity and quality of ingredients seems very high. In cooler weather this might be the goods...have to wait awhile and try again. Compare to say SL Amber Sultan.
By   - from CHICAGO on 7/1/2011
I might be able to wear this in the winter. Fabulous spices and gorgeous vanilla and moss. Not getting any leather at all. I do find it more on the masculine side and will probably stick with Cuir de Russie for my leather fix, but very, very nice. Strong, beautiful sillage and may still grow on me. These fragrances are a steal. I can't imagine doing a full spray, rather I'd probably depress the sprayer until just a drop dispensed, they are that concentrated and of the highest quality. It's so refreshing not to be underwhelmed by yet another thin aquatic, fruity, caramel, floral. Go Roja Dove!!!
By  on 6/27/2011
This is my favorite overall fragrance, and it is in a league of it's own. It is a very powerful extrait, so the value for the money is actually quite good. It is a powerful scent, but with a sweet, soft side to it. Amazing!
By   - Engineer from Denver on 5/22/2011
The reviews are intriguing, but please offer a sample. Thank you.
By   - comeapArtist from Fargo, ND on 5/17/2011
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