Fat Electrician

Eau de Parfum

by Etat Libre d'Orange

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The Scoop

If surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us, then Etat Libre d'Orange are the best gift-givers ever. What other brand would think to name a perfume Fat Electrician and base a new scent on inspiration from “a real story driven from the hazardous life of a young gigolo in the 70's in N.Y.C.”? And who else would be able to make this perfume so incredibly attractive and endlessly wearable? “White vetiver splattered on the asphalt of Time Square”, the fragrance juxtaposes the dry, earthy transparency of vetiver with the sweeter, balsamic smokiness of opoponax and myrrh. As the scent develops, it metamorphoses from the green, slightly salty gauze of a smell into something substantial and solid. Vanilla, opoponax and myrrh lend the scent a comfortingly fleshy, well-rounded quality. A unique and surprising take on vetiver, a treat for the many lovers of the note.

Fat Electrician  Notes

vetiver, vanilla bean, opoponax and myrrh

Fat Electrician Sizes Available
50ml $90
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $3
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Here's what other people are saying about Fat Electrician...
Interesting that another reviewer said it smells like a grocery store. I get fennel. Lots and lots of fennel, to the point that I can't believe it's not listed as one of the notes. But I like that weirdness. When I wear this, I smell my wrist again and again. I liked it enough that I bought a full bottle.
By   - Engineer from New York on 7/31/2016
I agree Bassment! This is a fantastic vetiver fragrance. The vanilla bean note give great support and contrast to the vetiver.
By   - Musician from Pensacola on 1/13/2016
The reviews below prove, once again, how radically a fragrance can very from one body chemistry to the next. Remarkable. Personally, I am loving this one. I ran across a sample bottle of this in Pickwick's Mercantile in Portsmouth, NH. The label said "Vetiver" (which I almost always like), and the ridiculous name truly struck my fancy... so I spritzed some on. At first, I smelled coconut and sugar cane, and I was not at all happy! There were some odd things going on in those top notes to be sure, but they vanished very rapidly. Over the next couple of hours as it dried down and warmed up on my skin, it just got better and better. A sample from Lucky Scent confirmed my initial impressions over the course of the last week. I typically equate vetiver with fresh, cool, herbaceous blends with hints of woodiness. What ELd'O have done here is to totally upend that expectation, by darkening the usually more crisp vetiver note with invocations of the Orient via sandalwood and sweet myrrh. I also notice in it's waning moments before it disappears a bit of dry, bitter orange. It's really an oddball combination, dry and sweet all at once, cool yet warm, green yet golden, sensuous while remaining refined... and not nearly as confused and unfocused as I'm probably making it sound. It's actually a very coherent blend, with the notes nicely melded together rather than fighting for supremacy. I admit I am hooked. Definitely FBW, and destined to become a fall/winter go-to. The only downside is that I had to admit to my wife, "I'm in love with a Fat Electrician!"
By   - from Providence on 8/18/2014
I tried to like it. but i can't :c i normally like sweaty dirty type fragrances, but this has a strange grocery store vibe. Like an un-airconditioned vegetable stand. Bit sour and Pizza like. it's perhaps likeable. but no. it's a flop for me :c
By   - Student from Miami on 3/1/2012
With a name like that I really, really wanted to like it, but nah...just not for me. Too heavy and incense-like.
By   - from Sydney on 12/3/2011
Great Vetiver....The first thing I sampled from this house. So far so good.
By   - Sales Rep from Seattle on 3/17/2010
I really like this one. Its a sharp, rooty vetiver with Sandalwood. Great for the winter. If you are looking for an all year round fresher vetiver scent, try instead the offering by Lubin.
By   - Software Test Specialist from Laurel MD on 1/22/2010
I liked it when I first put it on, but now, a few hours later, it's even more delightful. On me it's mostly hints of orange and wafts of incense. Very pretty.
By   - Teacher from Canada on 11/7/2009
Was hoping for more vanilla, and oppanax....but this was all vetiver on me.
By   - from Southwest region on 10/9/2009
Fat Electrician is unexpectedly elegant. Why fat? I suspect a plump marron deguise, just a bit gourmand. Why electrician? I suppose because of the sly, silvery note of the vetiver. Very wearable and relaxed.
By   - translator from Athens on 10/9/2009
Sheer, delicate, cool and smoldering, Vetiver heaven. Somewhat analogous to Hermes' Hiris, an Iris soliflore. Am loving the Etat Libre line generally, excellent quality, brilliantly blended and highly wearable. 5 stars!
By   - from Austin, TX on 10/2/2009
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