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Back to Black

Eau de Parfum - L’Oeuvre Noire Collection

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Very heavy on the honey. Sweet with supporting notes of vanilla as well as a very soft tobacco and fruit scent. Think of a luxurious marshmallow. In my opinion, its almost cloyingly sweet, and may give some a headache. On the right person, this scent could be delightfully wealthy and indulgent, but beware if you don't have a sweet tooth, as this may seem too immature. Right for some, just not for me.
By   - student from New York on 3/29/2021
This once great juice has been reformulated and is a shell of its prior greatness. And there is a weird petroleum stench in it now. I am so sad.
By   - Engineer from Chicago on 1/25/2021
If you like honey. This is for you.
By   - Sales Exec from Minneapolis on 5/23/2020
I'm not going to sit here and try to describe this like I'm some type of cologne expert all I can say I have four or five other Killian products I love this the most between this one and Amber, its hard to decide
By   - Nobody from Denver on 7/6/2018
Wow, just Wow! I love this scent and it lasts, after an hour of wearing my sample I already knew I was buying the bottle! What a beautiful smell of honey like tobacco and vanilla, its addictive. Any women I came into contact with loved it too. So far my favorite Kilian, and taste of heaven a very close 2nd both are amazing and I can't stop smelling them. I have been shopping for scents that really last and this 1 does, after a full day at work, this is still going strong after my evening gym sessions!!
By   - Health Coach from Grand Cayman on 5/22/2017
on me i am back to baby powder................. and honey.................. which is comforting ... so if you are a soft baby powder cozy perfume lover... try it!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 10/31/2016
Back to Black is primarily a honey scent on me but not dry, powdery honey. This evokes a sticky, freshly-drizzled honey and honey is the star of this fragrance. I also get a background of tobacco but it's faint. The raspberry and bergamont are very faint to me as well. This is a sweet frag but not overly so. Sillage is moderate as is lasting power. The name is my only issue with Back to Black-- such a powerful name for a sweet, light frag!? It doesn't fit.
By   - Restaurant Manager from Indiana on 7/2/2016
Just tried the sample which has been lying in my drawer for three months or so. I'm blown away - it's divine. Understated but sensual. Sits close to the skin, warm and comforting. I do have to echo the minor concerns about the very slightly OTT powdery undertones, but it's a small price to pay for something this exquisite. My only issue is that it really is a cool weather scent and it's the height of summer here in Australia! Oh well, something to look forward to...
By   - Manager from Sydney, Australia on 2/14/2016
This scent sits fairly close to the skin and lasts a really long time on me, I can often still smell it on me the next morning.. Overall this fragrance is subtle yet complex and refined; with powdery overtones and lovely honey, tobacco, and vanilla undertones. Come on in, get close, and take a sniff. You won't likely be disappointed.
By   - Chemist and student from New Jersey on 12/14/2015
To my nose, this is the feminine version of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. You get the vanilla, a bit of tobacco, some smokiness. It's like a cozy nightclub that serves Kahlua and Coffee. But it's so powdery. Not baby powder, thank goodness, but there's still too much powder. I still like it enough that it might be Full Bottle-Worthy, but it's not perfect. There is also too much powder in Van Cleef & Arpels' Orchidee Vanille. Again, if it were smoother, I'd be sold.
By   - Teacher from Laguna Beach on 12/11/2015
sample worthy. very classy, understated and elegant. i imagine wearing this to an intimate dinner date. it is equally appropriate in formal settings. the longevity is excellent. this will be purchased in the near future. i have yet to be disappointed by this fragrance house.
By   - Medicine from Washington DC on 8/12/2015
My favorite of the Kilian scents-maybe because I love the Amy Winehouse reference. On me it's all tobacco and honey that lasts and lasts. This is one of the few perfumes that envelops me. One of my favorite scents. Ever.
By   - from the Midwest on 3/12/2015
love at first sniff. I ordered 2 samples and I had to hide it from my husband. we both love Back to Black. its just so soft and smokey with a warm honey amber we can't stop sniffing each other. I'm getting a bottle for valentines ; ) xo
By   - des from rochester on 1/23/2015
"Back to Black" is really deep, smoky and so sweet scent. When you wore it at first, maybe some spices will spark with moist on your skin. Tabac leaves, vanilla...etc. It's unique scent with deeply sweet honey, but I didn't feel the ethnic flavor and also I thought it's urbane taste. I wish to wear it before sleep.
By   - Artist from Japan on 1/19/2015
For me - The Parfum with capital P. Masterpiece. Feminine. Gorgeous. Mysterious. Dark. Dangerous. I feel like Bella Swan wanting to seduce her dearest vampire Edward while smelling it :)
By   - Archaeological section from Kosice, Slovakia on 10/17/2014
Agree with the "powdery" comments.Typically for me, "powdery" is an automatic turnoff. However, I noticed when I applied it heavier, the powdery note blended nicely and allowed other aspects to come into play. Nothing aphrodisiacal about it imo. Expected an intoxicating, hypnotic, addictive,mood-altering must-have. What I experienced was a smell-good. Can get that experience for a fraction of the cost. Might be able to amp it up with a good, unscented pheromone layered underneath.Bottom line:would definitely wear it, but would never buy it.
By   - from Evansville on 10/11/2012
I was so excited to sample this. It was like smelling the bottom of a spittoon someone dumped wasp bomb in. Ugh! I am suprised at all the 5 stars! My sister hated it too.
By   - artist from whitefish on 10/9/2012
One word - amorous! Extremely sensual, but strikes me as more feminine than unisex or masculine. Deep, rich cherry tobacco with a dry down of honey - love it!
By   - Counselor from Cedar Rapids, IA on 10/5/2012
This is one of my favorite scents: I could sit and spray it on all day! The final dry-down on me is honey with a bit of sweet tobacco and it's a great blend of sexy and comfortable. It's just gorgeous.
By   - Writer from San Francisco on 8/28/2012
Must be my body chemistry, but no lasting power for me. Also, my husband advised it was "okay, but not one of my favs". I will continue to pursue until I find my signature scent, but with this awesome site...I am sure it won't take long!
By   - from Washington, DC on 6/16/2012
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