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Epic Woman by Amouage. This is a complex but beautiful spices oriental. There is a slight cumin scent but not in a goumand way and the rose is shy but geraniums and jasmine are somewhat harsh almost unforgiven. On first spray your hit with an almost like a sledge hammer to the forhead giving you an instant headache however there is no denying that this is a luxurious perfume its just you have to approach it with care. It has this ancient smell giving you a sense of a lost past history perhaps the likes of: The Tang Dynasty where the caravans would travel along the trade route with their perfumes heading towards the Imperial China Palace for a princess to wear it. Beware of Pandora's Box...
By   - . from NY on 9/22/2021
This has a strong 1980s vibe to me, which is neither good or bad, but that is my first impression. It is very masculine as well. I am reminded again of an old deodorant commercial jingle, "Made for a woman but strong enough for a man." All I get is cumin, tea and maybe a hint of oud. All are intense and harsh to my nose. It does smell like there are some quality ingredients in this blend but none of them go with my skin, at least not in this combination. Higher end than what you'd smell at a disco, but not for me or any man I'd want to be close to either.
By   - retired from Richmond, VA on 12/10/2020
Sexy - spicy, sharp and then round and soft and rosy/musky. One of the very few perfumes I've sampled that could actually be better than y old favourite (Heeley's Cardinal). There's a good hit of frankincense, which I love. I don't get pickles, myself.
By   - Lawyer from Australia on 3/19/2019
You're in Egypt on one of the hottest days of the year, near the desert, standing around in some tall grass that seems to only help you boil under the sun. You're part of your brother's wedding party and you're getting ready to pose for some wedding photos, taking a smoke break. The florist arrives and hands out rose boutonnieres and bouquets. Once the photos begin, you all do your poses for the photographer, trying to stay as still as possible. In that stillness, you notice the heat of the desert, the steaming grass, your uncomfortable sweaty suits, the light cigarette smoke lingering above them, the wet roses perspiring... but you also notice the sweetness convecting off of the bridesmaids, and you smile. Epic Woman by Amouage.
By   - Engineer from Cincinnati on 3/17/2018
This is a beautiful fragrance with lasting sillage. However, not everyone will like this unique fragrance. Perfume is really subjective to personal preferences and tastes. It is not based on age. One can enjoy all types of perfumes at any age. Everyone is different. I find it in poor taste to use hurtful or negative stereotypes to describe perfumes one does not like. If it is too difficult to articulate one's dislike of a perfume, perhaps it is better to not write a review about it.
By   - Student from n/a on 6/8/2016
Its an Epic failure. Sorry but the name begs for people to pun! Another vanilla perfume that reminds me of Vanilla Extacy by Montale or the atrocious Flowerbomb. Montale is equally good and more appropriately priced. This is vanilla with woods and maybe incense with a dill pickle opening that ends up blending in alright. Anyway it's overpriced and just ok.
By  on 1/16/2015
Its not terrible, it just smells a bit like pickles.
By   - IT Consultant from Boston on 6/15/2012
Very promising opening, spicy and rounded without being too sweet. Would suit a more mature lady..
By   - from Brisbane on 4/9/2012
This is really good stuff-you can tell it is made with high quality fragrance oils-better be for the price. Fortunately for me it smells very similar to Ormonde Jayne Man which I already own and love. A bit of a green grassy scent, a hint of incense, cardamom, tangy and slightly spicy.
By   - slacker from Redwood City on 12/21/2011
This scent is stunning. It is masterfully blended and such high quality. Give it several tries before passing judgement. Wearing it I receive multiple compliments!
By   - RN from Pembroke Pines, FL on 1/28/2011 smels a little bit like pickles to me.... yay!
By   - from Omaha on 1/23/2011
An unusual and sophisticated beauty, love the combination of frankincense and oudh in this one. A 'must have' for me.
By   - from UK on 3/30/2010
On first sniff, I detected a spicy, somewhat cinnamon-laden incense. Nice, but not worth the money. Glad I waited for the drydown. Oud, incense and a lovely rose mixed together in the most delightful of ways. Gold and Jubilation 25 are still my favorites, but Epic is gaining quickly.
By   - from Washington DC on 11/9/2009
This is really bad. So far I have been very unimpressed with the recent releases from Amouage. Lyric, Ubar and now, Epic can't hold a candle to Gold, Dia or Jubilation 25, or Ciel for that matter. Epic smells of none of the ingredients listed. Rather it smells like a cheap drugstore scent comprised of musk and coconut. Long lasting with lots of sillage(unfortunately). I'll be saving my money for Jubilation 25.
By  on 10/9/2009
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