Le Barbier de Tanger

Eau de Parfum

by Parfums MDCI

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The Scoop

If you have ever bemoaned the fact that old-school barbershop fougeres have gone the way of dinosaurs, then, ahem, may we introduce you to Le Barbier de Tanger? Soap, pine, lavender, moss….one can almost feel the scrape of the barber’s blade against our cheek and hear the snap as he pulls his leather strap taut.

Close your eyes and slip into the comfort of a genteel, all-male environment, evoking memories of your father and his morning grooming rituals. Wearing Le Barbier de Tanger is like stepping into the bathroom after him, smelling gorgeously of hot soapy water, clean leather, and aromatics so sharp that they slap you awake. The bone structure of a proper fougere is all there – oakmoss, coumarin, and lavender. But the story doesn’t stop there. A surprisingly touch of apple and pineapple adds a clean, sporty freshness, and ambroxan adds a haunting ambergris note complete with its silvery driftwood feel. Clean, spicy, mossy, and charmingly direct, we would be surprised if this fragrance wasn’t an immediate hit with wet shavers and lovers of retro masculines.

Le Barbier de Tanger  Notes

Basil, cardamom, lemon, bergamot, yellow tangerine, lavender, petitgrain, galbanum, pineapple, apple, patchouli, Haitian vetiver, ambery wood notes, ambroxan, oak moss notes, coumarin

Le Barbier de Tanger Sizes Available
75ml $250
75ml - Resin Bust Edition $375
0.7ml Sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Le Barbier de Tanger...
Just as described - very clean/soapy, pine shows through, lavender too. Personally, I don't like it on me but the description is spot on. I could see this smelling good on a guy just getting out of the shower. It was a bit overwhelming to me but quality ingredients, lasting sillage - just not my style. For sure a clean/invigorating scent, leans towards the masculine.
By   - Consultant from Weybridge on 1/13/2017
Got this sample the other day and absolutely love it Clean, seamless, fresh, great longevity - it is a must try No sharp notes just effortlessly clean Bottle on my wish list
By   - Shop owner from England on 10/29/2016
It's a beautiful scent. The description of the notes is very accurate and straight forward- soap, pine, moss, lavender. The soap is not one of those ambery-powdery soaps. Think of it more of a fresh air, outdoors soapness. Has an almost oceanic-medetteranian vibe. The lavender is tame in a good way, and smells very clean. If you are familiar with Chanel Platinum Egoiste, this has a similar vibe but much much better.
By   - Client Development from New York on 10/11/2016
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