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Absolutely glorious, I adore this. That sweet, spangly fir balsam scent reminds me of Slumberhouse's Norne, here with a fantastic counterbalance of cedar heartwood (which I also love) and a cushion of incense. If you've ever smelled Incense Pure by Sonoma Scent Studio, Arso has a similar vibe. So damn good! Makes my eyelids flutter in ecstasy. Definitely FB-worthy.
By   - Publishing from Chapel Hill, NC on 11/24/2018
The voice of the flames. Dark, dreamy, intoxicating. This scent is the depth of the woods, the glow of embers in the night and smoke swirling through the forest. As it expresses on my skin, the pine is nothing more than the distant memory, a denoted victim of the arson. A scent that truly captures the feeling and full olfactory experience of sitting next to a campfire through the night. It has a dark, sticky, pitch-like quality with no sharp points or bright notes to temper its hedonistic message. Entrancingly powerful with excellent projection and stamina, this will linger on your clothes the next day. I love this scent.
By   - Analyst from East Windsor on 4/27/2018
Pine is my favorite fragrance of all time. I got a sample of Arso and was immediately transported by the best pine resin scent I'd experienced. It was transcendant! I ordered a full bottle and was disappointed by the first two wearings. It seemed to be more cedar than pine...very dry without the sap filled pine resin scent I got from my sample. Then, I applied it the third time and I was transported once again by the incredible pine resin scent! I recommend this fragrance, truly a special scent
By   - Professional from S.F. on 6/8/2016
Profumum Roma amazes me with every creation. This is an exceptional pine/woody/resins perfume. There are so many of those on the market, but this smells like the best quality you can possibly get, which makes it worth the price for me. Now all other pine perfumes smell synthetic in comparison. This is quite literally pine, so you should be ok with wearing the literal scent of a pine forest in winter with smoke from a chimney in the distance. If that works for you, you will not regret this. I own two from this house now, and I hope to purchase this at some point. Uhhh... like maybe this winter.
By  on 8/10/2015
We know what this is, what the base and top notes are, but how does this scent make you feel? It feels like you're standing in a forest, wearing leather gloves. You're next to a cabin and a stack of firewood...some hardwood, some cedar for crackle...and you're taking a short rest. You inhale deeply...the green, balsamic woods mix with the newly-split cedar, the tang of the old leather, and the faint whiff of smoke from the cabin's fireplace. There's another, slightly incongruous group of scents...some floral spices, a whiff of femininity...a faint musk. There's a woman inside the cabin responsible for you smelling just a little bit pretty right now, but you don't mind...the way she got you smelling that way was quite acceptable. You gather an armful of firewood and head back to the cabin.
By  on 5/11/2015
The best pine scent I've ever come across. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd buy a bottle right away.
By  on 9/22/2014
Great quality. This is similar to Serge Luten's Muscs Koublai Khan, except this one is not as skanky/sexy. Arso is more about being in the great outdoors than it is about being under the covers. It is a hybrid of fresh pine sawdust and damp wood-pulpy forest floor - like working around sweaty lumberjacks in the rain. It actually has a sour, oud quality that might be off-putting to some. It sits close to my skin. I think the official note list is misleading. Cedar leaves? Incense? Leather? No, I'm not picking up any of those.
By  on 5/4/2014
I think the smoky note comes from the myrhh, after trying this out for a whole day +. Very complex. Actually, I don't think there's anything lemony up top. I'm not really sure what it is that gave me that impression. This is complex and wonderful with good lasting power.
By   - PT II from NY on 6/14/2012
I let the samples rest, as you should, for about a day before trying them out. I get a sense of lemon and incense with a tiny, tiny touch of wood. It leans to the sweeter side of things but itsn't cloying. Definitely some amber, maybe as cistus or labdanum or benzoin or Peru Balsam. Actually, I think that's it...PB. That would account for the slight smoky scent with sweetness. I usually don't like incense scents but this one is subtle, so I can definitely wear it and I do like it but I'm just not 100% sure about it yet.
By   - Therapist from NY on 6/13/2012
Arso envelopes you with a smoky ensemble in the midsts of winter forests among campfires! It's excellent!!
By   - Tour Guide from Las Vegas, NV on 1/24/2012
very nice. but too much pine for my taste.
By  on 1/23/2012
As a fan of woody scents I have many amber, patchouli, cedar, oudh and evergreen fragrances, but this one is now definitely among my top ten faves of all time. It is an exquisite mix of fir balsam, cedar, pine and maple sap with a hint of smoke. It is incredible layered with Serge Lutens Chene. Sillage and longevity are excellent.
By   - waiter from Menlo Park on 11/30/2011
The smoothest take on smoke and incense I've found yet. Most I've tried are overwhelming; this has an ambery smoothness that mellows out the smoke and incense. Wish it weren't so pricey.
By   - Information Architect from Naperville, Illinois on 9/9/2011
This stuff is great. It's warm and smokey with just a hint of sweet wood sap. It seems odd to release a scent like this in the spring, but I'll definitely be picking up a bottle this coming fall or winter.
By   - Teacher from Louisville, KY on 5/17/2011
They have absolutely captured a fragrance that I conjured in my mind. An evocative, comforting and fabulous fragrance for me!
By   - Project Manager from Allentown, NJ on 3/19/2011
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