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100ml $180
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Akkad...
Sensual, Soft, lovely. The scent for any woman. It's soft yet spicy. It's not for the day job but for the weekend. LOVES!
By   - aeromancer from Birmingham on 1/15/2019
Absolutely sensual and a very intimate scent. Can't go wrong as an after hours scent. Plenty of longevity - 6-8 hours Sillage average Not beast mode but, it's OK in this masterpiece
By   - IT from Ny on 3/28/2018
Intoxicating milky chocolate incense perfume. A gentle base of vanilla tobacco. The beginning of this is beautiful and original. And its dry-down resembles TM's Angel Men.
By   - Prison Guard from Nowhere on 10/5/2015
Absolutely mesmerizing, I've been asked about it on multiple occasions a couple of words from others that come back again and again are: intoxicating, hypnotizing, deep and profoundly addictive..
By   - Artist from Seattle on 7/14/2015
Effortless sensuality. It is parts Cleopatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivian Lee and some yet to be discovered wild vixen all in one. Amber at it's zenith. A remarkable "come hither" scent.
By   - Faux Artist from Knoxville on 1/11/2015
I just might be Akkad's biggest fan. Amber rich warmth with just the right balance of sweet and spice. Very long-lasting. This has become my signature scent as I'm on my third bottle. I call it my secret weapon. Compliments abound. Strangers have stopped me to ask what I'm wearing. Absolutely love this scent.
By   - from Los Angeles on 1/9/2015
My favorite. It's out of this world.
By  on 1/1/2015
Interesting scent. Silky smooth and very unisex. Not harsh or loud; quiet sexiness in a bottle.
By   - from Earth on 11/13/2013
I get mostly amber and black pepper with a hint of incense. It doesn't get heavy and sweet during the drydown as many ambers tend to do. Lasts forever. Suitable for both men and women. Love this fragrance.
By   - from NJ on 1/21/2013
I'm really digging this stuff. Just enough styrax gives Akkad that umph that I'm looking for. This fragrance is my favorite from this house.
By   - from Norfolk on 1/14/2013
Unlike its two brothers, Akkad is dreamy and smooth. It remained on my clothes for days after application and even when I wore other perfumes, Akkad would peak out and remain. Perfect!
By  on 12/11/2012
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