Keiko Mecheri

Makassar (formerly Bois de Santal)

Eau de Parfum

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I have tried Keiko Mecheri scents that are as soft and delicate as a cricket's ballet slippers - Bois de Santal isn't that. It's a velvety, earthy, and sparklingly feminine scent with gravitas and staying power.
By   - from Santa Fe NM on 4/24/2014
This couldn't smell less like what I was expecting. I guess I anticipated a deep wood and not a light(er) floral. All I really detect is bouquet of flowers and not much else. It's certainly pleasant, but not for me and way more femme than what I would have imagined. I definitely pick up the floral notes the previous reviewer mentioned, jasmine, tuberose, et al.
By  on 2/14/2014
Lovely Lovely Lovely: combines several of my favored fragrances. Creamy tart Osmanthis which smells like a combination of neroli jasmine and gardenia pared with a high quality sandalwood and a very authentic smelling ambergris. Judging by the price it is probably not real ambergris. I recently paid $20.00 for a small sample of the real thing and they are very similar. Truth be told I like the ambergris in Bois de Santal better than the Aftelier product. There is something light and cheerful about this fragrance. I have to say that I prefer and am going to buy the Ormonde Jayne Osmanthis but it was a close decision.
By   - Marketing/Sales from Redmond WA on 10/22/2012
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