Bois de Santal

Eau de Parfum

by Keiko Mecheri

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The Scoop

A subtle sandalwood that has all the personality of the wood softened with osmanthus, Bois de Santal is a soft sandalwood with a floral-meets-incense feel that renders it perfectly wearable no matter the season or time of day. The Indian sandalwood is slightly smoky and perfectly offset by the crisp lightness of osmanthus, while ambergris and tonka lend a touch of sweet warmth. Never heavy or complicated, Bois de Santal is one of those rare sandalwoods that can be enjoyed in the height of summer or the depths of winter…a truly beautiful fragrance that announces its presence with subtlety and playful sensuality rather than blatant beat-you-over-the-head raw sexuality.

Bois de Santal  Notes

sandalwood of Mysore, white Chinese osmanthus, ambergris

Bois de Santal Sizes Available
75ml $140
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Bois de Santal...
I have tried Keiko Mecheri scents that are as soft and delicate as a cricket's ballet slippers - Bois de Santal isn't that. It's a velvety, earthy, and sparklingly feminine scent with gravitas and staying power.
By   - from Santa Fe NM on 4/24/2014
This couldn't smell less like what I was expecting. I guess I anticipated a deep wood and not a light(er) floral. All I really detect is bouquet of flowers and not much else. It's certainly pleasant, but not for me and way more femme than what I would have imagined. I definitely pick up the floral notes the previous reviewer mentioned, jasmine, tuberose, et al.
By  on 2/14/2014
Lovely Lovely Lovely: combines several of my favored fragrances. Creamy tart Osmanthis which smells like a combination of neroli jasmine and gardenia pared with a high quality sandalwood and a very authentic smelling ambergris. Judging by the price it is probably not real ambergris. I recently paid $20.00 for a small sample of the real thing and they are very similar. Truth be told I like the ambergris in Bois de Santal better than the Aftelier product. There is something light and cheerful about this fragrance. I have to say that I prefer and am going to buy the Ormonde Jayne Osmanthis but it was a close decision.
By   - Marketing/Sales from Redmond WA on 10/22/2012
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