Eau de Toilette

by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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The Scoop

Timbuktu is a modern French spin on an ancient West African perfume rite. Inspired by his travels to Mali, master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour returned to L'Artisan enchanted by the mystical perfume art, called Wusulan, still handed down from mother to daughter as a magical spell to seduce and secure one's true love. The rind-like green scent of an unripe mango, pink pepper berries and cardamom are among Timbuktu's first offerings, followed quickly by a clean and purifying white smoke. As Timbuktu goes on, the earthy and green notes of vetiver combine with the clean incense and karo karounde flower, lingering beautifully on the skin as a fresh and unique interpretation of nature and fragrant, erotic ritual.

Timbuktu  Notes

green mango, pink pepper berries, cardamom, karo karounde flower, smokey incense of papyrus wood, patchouli, myrrh, vetiver

Timbuktu Sizes Available
50ml $96
100ml $130
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Timbuktu...
I tried my sample of Timbuktu several months ago. It didn't do much for me. I put the sample away. I just found it in it's hiding place and gave it another try. Wow! I love it. It's really a great fragrance. It's not girly but I feel very feminine when I wear this. Definitely not a "gender role" perfume! Longevity is very good.
By   - Manager from Dallas on 7/24/2016
Smells very similar to Oud shamash. Side by side, Shamash may be rounder and more golden. but wearing them separately you could not tell them apart. Nonetheless, I love them both.
By  on 3/14/2015
All I get from this scent is pink musk stick lollies. I haven't eaten one since I was 12, but Timbuktu takes me back to the 20cent bag of lollies we used to buy at the local pool on hot summer holidays. I am glad for the memory however I was expecting something more complex and intense.
By   - Student from perth on 9/25/2014
This has a nice fresh opening. However, it goes away to an annoying, eye-watering, patchouli concert. After the dry down in 6 hours, it subdues to something nice. A soapy, patchouli base. For the patchouli fans, this is your baby.
By   - Wholesale Tire Sales from Savannah, GA on 9/5/2014
If I weren't hopelessly and helplessly in love with this fragrance I would give it 5 stars simply upon its uniqueness! What a beauty it is though, and I can't help not loving it for it's beauty. The fact I smell unlike anyone else in the world when I wear it (except for the others blessed to be wearing it) is merely a bonus point. Please, never discontinue this work of art, L'Artisan. It is divine.
By   - n/a from Northern Virginia on 8/24/2014
My first sniff put me off as there was no familiar scent I could categorize. second try and I was hooked. UNIQUE. not flowery-not incensey-indefinable. I love it. and yes unlike most in the line this one has some staying power. get a sample.
By   - medical from seattle on 1/30/2012
Very sweet but strong medicinal herbal accord that actually makes me nauseous. Just my luck this seems to be the only L'artisan I've tried that has pronounced sillage and is very long lasting. No sale here.
By  on 1/23/2012
Blows every other "fresh" scent out of the (cool) water. Bright and green and exhilarating. What Irish Spring SHOULD smell like. Has SO much radiance. I think I can smell it more from 3 feet away than I can up close. May be too much if you work with others in a closed room. Can't decide whether I like this more on my guy or on myself. But definitely a winner.
By   - Designer from Northampton, MA on 9/24/2011
Different. Unusual. Quirky. And everything works together for a grand slam home run! Even with the odd start it's extremely easy to wear in all temperatures, not offensive but certainly an attention getter! I would recommend that anyone who likes fragrances to give this a try!
By   - Graphic Arts Teacher from Northern Virginia on 7/16/2011
This is a lovely scent, beginning with a huge blast of pink pepper which really appeals to me, followed by light spices. Unlike many of L'Artisan's perfumes, this lasts for hours on my skin. The drydown reminds me of lemon laundry liquid, not in a bad way, but unexpected in what is supposed to be an exotic perfume, and this is the only reason I have deducted one star. If I didn't have a couple of similar fragrances I would add this one, it's very nice.
By   - retired medical typist from Victoria, Australia on 2/9/2011
Unfortunately the myrrh and vetiver are too pronounced with my chemistry...
By  on 1/31/2011
Nothing about the description of this fragrance says I should like it...but I love it. It is truly unique and on a hot humid summer day nothing fits better for ultimate femininity without being overpowering! Did I say unique? This fragrance is unique and well worth trying out. I expect it will be love or hate but certainly worth trying if you're looking for something that's definitely not mainstream but easily accepted by the masses. And doggone it, did I say this is one more UNIQUE fragrance? I love it!
By   - fragrance fan on 1/12/2011
Dans un monde le plus improbable...ce parfum qui promet l'exotisme sent "L'air du temps" de Ricci !!! Et bien, avec ce parfum, on nage dans cet improbable...après plusieurs heures à le porter, le parfum dégage davantage une odeur salée qui rappelle la fraicheur des brises marines. Si on aime ce genre, c'est un bon parfum de jour ou pour le travail. Personnellement (et tous les goûts sont dans la nature et il n'y a rien de plus personnel que les goûts en matière de parfums...) pas d'excitation olfactive particulière.
By   - from Montréal on 12/2/2010
A lovely, woody incense with a soft and unique drydown. I know most people like to wear this in colder weather, but I love it on hot days. Very refreshing and original.
By   - RN from Miami, FL on 7/25/2010
Timbuktu starts out smelling like soft, floral incense and ends up smelling VERY similar to Estee Lauders Pleasures (maybe a less soapy version). This is pretty but a bit too femenine for my tastes.
By   - Photographer from Massachusetts on 1/23/2010
Timbuktu is the most intoxicating perfume I have ever smelled! Spicy and exotic, with a strong base note. Good for both day and night, I have taken this on as my signature perfume. It takes about 10 minutes for then smell to develop, then lasts all day, fading gracefully after 5 or 6 hours to a whiff of spice.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 7/30/2009
I think TIMBUKTU would be a masterpiece-- and a major seller-- if it had more substantivity, sillage and lasting power. It is a wonderfully exotic African woody, which also recalls the green/yellow African savannah. I also smell a faint-faint note which reminds me undeniably of wild cat spoor, like that of a lion or cheetah. Far from being disagreeable, this note rather adds a warm-blooded, pulsing, animalic quality to the reeds and woods which is magical. Easily one of L'ARTISAN'S best... shame that it is so evanescent. Still, I give it a five for originality of concept and utter uniqueness.
By   - graphic artist from boerne, TX USA on 6/2/2009
one my sister loved years ago. tried it and at that time it was HERS so i backed off. you change over the years and your perfume faves do too. i found this fresh and green ... perfect for summer. it reminds me of a place i visited in north florida... SEASIDE> the northern woods and the ocean...
By   - agent from st pete on 5/18/2009
I like incense. I hate this! Intrusive, bothersome, headache-inducing...
By   - female from northeast on 5/13/2009
Another one of these meat smells on the grill which doesn't make me feel pretty at all. Heeleys fine leather is strong but there is no smoked steak in it. I like Heeleys fine leather (Cuir de Pleine fleur) better.
By   - grade school teacher from Pacific Northwest on 2/17/2009
Smaks you over the had with vertiver, patchouli and pepper. Smells masculine, confident, sharp, green, slightly smokey and... typical. It is more sophisticated than your average men's vertiver packed scent, but I still think of the brash, young boss who wears too much scent when I smell this.
By   - from San Jose on 1/13/2009
An incredibly smooth, woody fragrance that resonates for hours upon hours. Gorgeous for a man, almost equally so for a woman.
By   - Acting Teacher from Yakima on 11/5/2008
Really liked this, but same problem as my other samples: no persistence. Is this characteristic of these newer niche fragrances?? Love the unsual spicy, unique nature of this scent, but can't justify a purchase if I can't smell it within hours!
By  on 8/28/2008
It's lovely. Not terribly me, though. I don't mind smelling of it, but I've got better things in my closet. I much prefer Dzongkha, actually, but I could make a solid case for Timbuktu. However, I was bombarded with negative comments while wearing this. I don't mind being told I smell like a used jock-strap, but I don't recommend this for the thin-skinned perfumista.
By  on 8/5/2008
It took a few tries to "get" this one, but it's a wonderful spicy dry scent. It's awesome layered over Jean-Paul Gaultier2 massage oil - sweetens it up when you want a spicy sweetness rather than dry.
By   - from San Diego on 6/10/2008
Cool / warm, tart / sweet, floral / dry woods, purple / dark green - this fragrance is a balance of very different notes that amazingly all work well together. Sharp green citric mango bounces off against warm cardamon and pink pepper. Papyrus woods are smokey against karo kounde flower. Tart patchouli is neutralized with a warm very dry vetiver basenote. A kaleidescope of opposite notes moving up and down to make quite an amazing very vibrant scent. It feels quite like the wilds of a rain forest with verdant green fruits, flowers, ageing woods, and cooling green forest undergrowths. An addictive and unique fragrance.
By  on 3/28/2008
Beautiful, unique....happy! If there is a place called Timbuktu that smells anything like this, I will be moving there!
By   - Perfume Addict from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 8/30/2007
I wanted to love this, but it smelled soapy and unimpressive on me. It did have great staying power, however. Something in my chemistry must not bring out the best of this scent--a shame. I love that LuckyScent gives you the opportunity to sample these scents before committing to a full bottle. Hopefully I'll have better luck with Saffron Troublant and Poivre Piquant.
By   - from The North Woods on 7/29/2007
I thought thhat I was going to hate this....until I put it on....it has this crystaline, sparkling and cooling spiciness to it. The contast is evident yet so harmonious. Plus its one of the few l'artisan scents with some tenacity. A++
By   - from chicago on 7/14/2007
Just bought the 15ml because I loved my sample. Sat next to a colleague in a meeting the first day after putting on a nice spray of it - "you changed your perfume... mmmm"
By   - from Brooklyn, NY on 5/12/2007
This scent at first one may not care for, but it really grows on you. Im familiar with many of their scents and didn't care for this one too much, but i am beginning to like it more and more.
By   - from nyc on 4/28/2007
Timbuktu is a fantastic fragrance that starts with a mix of round fruit, mild spicy warmth then sweetened with karo karounde - sort of a fruit salad with cool whip but this is quickly lifted away on a magic carpet of incense and resinous woods. The result is light, playful and very uplifting. The incense drydown in Timbuktu reminds me of CdG Kyoto (a compliment!) kind of a purity and innocence about it.
By   - Artist from Oklahoma City on 2/25/2007
A lot of people complain that Artisan perfumes do not have much staying power. This stuff stays on me all day--maybe it's just my skin, I don't know. Anyway, I find this to be a very warm, woody scent, but not so much exotic. (Piment Brulant is more exotic, I almost got that one.)
By   - from New York on 2/21/2007
It's different, for sure. I didn't like it at first, but now it's grown on me. Same with my husband. He craves it sometimes. (We both wear it.) Exotic and smoky but retains a fresh hesperide note.
By   - Graphic art designer from Alexandria, VA on 1/14/2007
For some reason, I'm missing out on all of L'Artisan's fragrances. This really has a BAD smell too it, dry wood mixed with burnt plastic, and something else that reeks. I really must have a genetic deficiency, because L'Artisan does not appeal to me.
By   - Student from Manhattan, KS on 10/16/2006
This is a unique scent and lovely. I have no clue what karo karounde flower smells like, not what it is, but this fragrance is different, not like anything I've ever smelled. I love it and I get lots of compliments from men when I wear it. In fact, I have several scents but I've worn this one to work every day for over a month. Great for summer wear and I will be re-purchasing this!
By   - banker from Nashville on 7/28/2006
I have been wearing L'Artisan for over 7 years now, ever since I discovered the line in Paris. I love many of the scents. However, Timbukti s not an exotic, unique scent. In fact, (I hate to say it this way), it reminds me of the cheap drug-store fragrances. I wish I hadn't ordered it. But my favorite classic L'Artisan is Dzing! Hands down...the ladies love it and it lasts.
By   - Entrepreneur from New York City on 7/7/2006
Wonderful dry woody smell comes out after a minute and stays a long time. Just lovely and not like anything I had smelled before. Must be the papyrus.
By   - Lawyer from St. Paul, MN on 4/21/2006
Spicy without being too powerful. I love the undernotes of patchouli, it is a fragrance I enjoy, but usually find it overwhelming on it's own. This is a scent I could wear timelessly.
By   - from wilmington on 1/23/2006
Nothing magical.
By   - from Baltimore on 9/14/2005
I'm sorry to say, this is just plain old average to me. It's not that I dislike it or it smells horrible, but there is nothing exotic about this perfume
By  on 6/10/2005
This scent is just as described--mysterious and clean all at the same time. My boyfriend went bonkers over it when I wore it last weekend!
By   - from Chicago, IL on 3/16/2005
this is a beautiful scent--woody, but airy rather than earthy and lively--the smokiness is perfectly balanced with the pepper and spice scents. I normally dislike clean scents--because they're usually citrus-based, but this one is a great alternative!
By   - student from iowa city on 10/25/2004
Soft sandalwood on me with cardomom&pepper. Smells natural, like spicy skin. If you like sandalwood scents you will enjoy this. Very unisex.
By   - from Atlanta on 10/8/2004
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