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I liked the first half: very warm forest day, but the back half reminded me too much of Marc Jacobs Daisy. *shudder*
By   - Analyst from California on 7/24/2021
The opening note is huge and glorious -- a chopped-and-screwed resiny incense so sweet-green there’s literally a hint of mint (!). The drydown has something of sandalwood’s rice-milk aspect and arrives fairly quickly; the ghost of the insane first few minutes lingers, but very, very close to the skin. A lot of fun for those days when you need to channel your inner Druid priest/ess...but still keep that secret identity on the inside.
By   - editor from SEATTLE on 6/21/2019
The opening is sharp frankincense and sweet, mossy woodland flowers. It dries down to basmati. It reminds me a lot of (my favorite) l'Artisan Passage d'Enfer. And the dry-down reminds me of the basmati-sandalwood in Ormonde Jayne's Champaca. But unlike those perfumes, this doesn't have the right amplitude; the notes just don't seem to hang together. It runs through its notes really fast, then all but disappears, leaving just a wisp of a sweet waterlily-like note hovering over the fuzzy musk of ISO-E: a nice, very light feminine skin scent but not the complex shadows I was hoping to get from Tenebrae.
By   - shakespearean from somewhere south of you on 1/17/2019
reminds me of Fille en Aiguilles by serge lutens. it has the same forest notes but with a hint of sweetness.
By   - software architect from richmond on 4/15/2017
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