Voleur de Roses

Eau de Toilette

by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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The Scoop

A rose garden after a thunderstorm. Not a manicured, orderly rose garden, but one that has become unruly, with brambles and a quilt of petals upon the ground. An almost forgotten garden. A place that guards its secrets. You can smell the rich, wet earth and the lightning-swept air and an abundance of roses in various stages of bloom. You can sense the intrigue that clings like an unseen mist. An unforgettable marriage of rose and patchouli, with just a hint of plum. Regal, enigmatic and absolutely gorgeous.

Voleur de Roses  Notes

bergamot, rose, plum, patchouli

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100ml $130
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Voleur de Roses...
I was really looking forward to this, but i found that the scent disappeared within the first five minutes, with not a trace that it had ever been on me. i drenched myself in it the second time i wore it-- same thing. I would buy this in a heartbeat if it was a long-lasting parfum.
By   - Broken Poet on 2/24/2014
This went straight to the (very dirty and, to me, very unpleasant) patchouli without stopping by the rose first - which, for me, was the whole point. Disappointing.
By   - Childlike Empress from by the (wrong) Thames on 12/30/2013
Oh yeah! Dirty, sexy patchouli with a hint of rose. Me like!
By  on 4/15/2012
this is the only scent i wear. everyone who comes close to me makes a comment about how good i smell. when i put it on i smell myself and love the way i smell. the rose is really faint, and the patchouli is also very subtle. but all together, the mix is an earthy, fabulous mix which i highly recommend.
By   - homemaker from los angeles on 6/23/2011
The overall effect is a filthier, muskier, and far more inferior version of Aramis.
By  on 5/14/2011
This one is actually very long lasting on me and I do love it but blame it on body chemistry it is nearly different every time I wear it - sometimes rose, sometimes plum and other times straight up patchouli (my least favorite!). I do love it and I am still on a quest for the perfect dark rose (alas Frederic Malle Une Rose wasn't it) but if I had to chose between this and Passage D'enfer I'd go with the latter since the smell is consistent every time I wear it.
By  on 4/28/2011
If this perfume were a woman, it would be a very intoxicated siren, her slip dress falling off one shoulder and her makeup smeared, tottering ever so slightly on her stilettos. It's a hot mess made all the more hectic by the fevered lemonade smell which fades to crushed rose petals. I wish it lasted longer; I wear it when I want to be trouble.
By   - Unionista from Toronto on 2/14/2011
I smell rose and dirt/mold all mixed up together. One note doesn't really stand out over the other, they're both just there. "Dirty Rose" is an accurate description of this scent.
By   - from New Orleans on 2/28/2010
I do love this. It does not last long on my skin, but it the luck scent discription is perfect.
By  on 11/2/2009
My further thoughts: I tried this again at a different time of the month, and it smelled totally different than it had two weeks before. I guess that's a reminder to us ladies that our body chemistry changes quite a lot over a few weeks, and I feel I owe L'Artisan an apology: on the second go, it smelled just lovely, with no tweaking. Roses lasted a lot longer. It's still nice to know, though, what a good layering scent this is.
By   - Artist from Maryland on 9/11/2009
On me, the roses run away in about twenty minutes and I'm left with all the dark, earthy, undertones...but-- this is absolutely essential to me, because I can layer it with almost any other rose scent and it makes all the other scents better. It goes with so many things and can go in so many directions--- also, straight out of the bottle, it's a knockout on my husband. It doesn't necessarily smell "manly" right out of the bottle, but I think this perfume is very changeable, moreso than others, which is why it not only smells so different on him, but also blends so well with so many other things.
By   - Artist from Maryland on 9/8/2009
This morning I mixed this with CdG's Rose, and the effect is amazing!
By   - from Washington DC on 8/27/2009
This smells like chocolate on me. My husband thinks it smells of salad creme. You have been warned
By   - botanist from paris on 5/5/2009
This one is great. Very feminine on my skin, plum is strong+dark roses, smells like berries, patchouli is not loud. Very good!!!
By  on 3/30/2009
This is the best rose scent I've ever come across! It's not that strange rose smell from sratch-n-sniff stickers, or that old lady rose smell either. I find it very feminine and lovely. I first expericed it when my sister ordered a sample, and it smelled like fingernail polish on her. She let me try it and it blossomed into this wonderful earthy sensous aroma. Just goes to show how different everyones chemistry is.
By   - from IN on 2/1/2009
One of the most beautiful and complex rose scents I have encountered. Great lasting power, and the sillage is wonderful. I want a bottle of this!
By   - perfume collector on 1/6/2009
At first I thought this was really complex and delicious. Then it dawned on me that I had smelled something similar before...Jovan Fresh Patchouli, which, if memory serves, cost me all of $5. I really don't think this smells cheap at all, but now I'll never get the association out of my head. Maybe I can wear it to my next hippie potluck.
By   - social worker from Portland, Oregon on 12/2/2008
For the first hour I am Queen of the Wood Nymphs: reckless & ravishing, earthy, yet regal. Then, as it's on its way out this scent takes a turn for the strange and suddenly I am Miss Havisham: aging recluse trapped in a slightly musty apartment filled with dead flowers. Before I can decide how I feel about the change I smell like nothing to speak of--poof, it's gone. That first hour was pretty amazing though...
By   - from wi on 11/23/2008
I found that this disappeared on me. Almost immediately - I definitely get the plum note, but the rose is strange.
By   - from Tokyo on 1/24/2008
Well, isn't this a dirty yet innocent seeming little girl! I feel like an ethereal, sexy woman getting down and dirty in a freshly tilled garden... Feminine, luminous, airy, yet sultry, earthy, slightly woodsy... strange and wonderful to evoke all those contrary responses at the same time. I am in love and in turn Voleur obviously loves me...
By   - from Maui-Hawaii on 1/13/2008
this scent lasted allday on me .at first its roses and dirt and ends up to become plum and dirt. love it!
By  on 11/17/2007
I personally love the combination of plum and rose; the powdery feeling of the flower is balanced with the complex, velvety nectar of the fruit. The result is a perfect balance of seductive and soft. That being said, "Voleur de Roses" is certainly no dissapointment; its floral, "mucky" beauty reminds me of seaside roses---but not those delicate dears that idle in the sand, but the hardy, earthy blooms that flourish in the mossy wetness of island soil while clinging to edges of rugged bluffs. This is a provocative, intoxicating scent that will remind you of a windy walk on a stormy day.
By  on 10/20/2007
My first and favorite L'Artisan. Everyone else does it justice in their glorious descriptions (which I am not good at), but I must add that I have alot of fragrances and I get more compliments on this from men & women than on anything else I own.
By   - from Commerec Township on 10/8/2007
Zounds! This is delicious! I love rose scents, but many of them are horrid on me (Rose Poivree and Paris, as examples). This rose is...spicy. Sassy. Slightly dangerous. The only reason that it doesn't have five stars from me and that I'm not ordering a full bottle immediately is that it suffers from the L'Artisan curse of fleeting fragrance. Lasted all of an hour on me, but a fantastic hour it was!
By   - from Michigan on 8/6/2007
This is the strangest, most exotic and mysterious scent that I've ever worn. This is not an old lady parlor rose or a sweet proper primrose, this a rich, exotic, earthy rose mixed with the smell of the earth and the sky. It's very earthy, in fact -- the patchouli smells very much like rich, fragrant earth. I love it as my own personal fragrance and I think it could be simply amazing worn by a man -- no one should be frightened by the rose, for there is so much more going on in this scent.
By  on 7/3/2007
Tried it at the store and got a sample when I bought Timbuktu. This may very well be my next purchase (my birthday is coming up...!) I'm not a rose scent fan, but this is so unusual, it's doesn't come off as old fashioned.
By   - from Brooklyn, NY on 5/12/2007
The name, "thief of roses" describes the transformation very well from a soft and light rose (geranium rose?) that quickly dissolves into a transcendant intoxicating and quite mysterious scent. Patchouli leads the middle and bottom notes, but it is rounded slightly by the rose and plum. The rose is gone, the patchouli has been improved by the association with rose. The scent that remains is an earthy, damp, medicinal mint patchouli. Very nice, uplifting and quite unique.
By   - artist from Oklahoma City on 4/12/2007
I know what you are thinking.... "A man's fragrance that smells like roses?" But don't let the name fool ya. This fragrance is so many things. Intoxicating and Masculine just to name two! I have become an addict.
By   - artist from west hollywood on 3/7/2007
This is very complex. A bit strong at first, but the dry down is wonderful....earthy and sensual - and surprisingly masculine. The rose is very understated yet strong enough to balance the patchuli. Quite nice.
By   - from riverside on 3/7/2007
Funny how fragrance has the ability to transport--to alter mood. This perfume is very 50's vintage, It makes me think of Tippi Hedren in The Birds. This doesn't seem to fit in the 21st century (this is a beautiful thing). Really really gorgeous and different.
By   - from Alabama on 3/1/2007
Sadly, on me, all I could smell after the dry down was patchouli. Smells great on its own though.
By  on 10/15/2006
Loved it on the first try, love it even more now! Strangely reminiscent of Sage's Garnet (though I imagine L'Artisan came first)...
By  on 9/21/2006
Pure rapture and wild abandon. This rose patchouli blend is what I wear when I want to be sexy and daring. One whiff of this warming up on the skin and men start coming around. Intoxicating. Everyone needs at least one fragrance like this in their scent wardrobe. Amen!
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
my boyfriend find it gorgeous but to me smells like a freshly made plum pulp.this is a sour note .still the title is vry accurate.there's definetely a thief of roses here cause i can't smell any of them. a strange perfume for rating cause everybody else like it on me.
By   - from athens greece on 6/8/2006
I love this one, it's one of my favorites. The description is accurate. It is a compelling and fascinating fragrance. I like rose and patchouli, but have never smelled anything like this before.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 1/8/2005
I love this scent. Lucky describes it perfectly. I am not a patchouli fan. I tried this on a lark, but the patchouli isn't a strong scent. It blends beautifully with the bergamot, rose and plum. It is a new favorite. I really like this perfume line. The fig scent is yummy!
By   - artist from TX on 3/3/2004
This scent is so unique. It is like roses and dirt...in a GOOD way. Like roses after a rain or freshly planted rose bushes. It is my favorite L'Artisan next to Passage d'Enfer. This one lasts much longer (ALL DAY).
By  on 12/6/2003
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