Tea for Two

Eau de Toilette

by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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Rich, smokey tea with cinnamon, ginger and vanilla. Warm and sweet like chai tea. We don't know if chai tea was the actual inspiration for this scent, but it does indeed remind us of it. The sweet, fresh, spicy facets reveal the delicious delights of honey. Absolutely yummy, with a luxurious coziness that you want to wrap around you like a cashmere throw. Top it off with a luscious vanilla drydown and you have one irresistible fragrance.

Tea for Two  Notes

Ginger, cinnamon, green anise, honey, vanilla

Tea for Two Sizes Available
50ml $96
100ml $130
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Tea for Two...
I loved this scent going on. It has great staying power but I think it's a bit to masculine to be considered unisex. I would love it on a man but it's just not doing it for me. I've tried it three separate occasions trying to convince myself it's a keeper but the truth is - it should be a male fragrance.
By   - Customer Service from Bakersfield, CA on 11/22/2016
I can totally understand why their are strong feelings for and against this perfume. It depends on your personality. It depends on your chemistry. I adore this scent from the first spray to the dry down. It is unique and you won't smell like anyone else. I like the tobacco smell as it evokes warm memories from my childhood. I bought a sample and will be buying a full size. Love it.
By   - social worker from Dayton, Ohio on 10/1/2016
The opening is interesting but very quickly fades to spicy artificial cinnamon and that's what it stays. It reminded me of redhot candies. I really did not get any tea smells which I was really hoping for. Not bad but not what I was expecting.
By   - From from New Braunfels on 4/10/2016
Having tried Lapsang Souchong, I can rule it out as a regular drink for me. I don't like my tea tasting like smoked gouda, thanks. But this fragrance--yum! Not a single moment of unpleasantness for me. I get leather and tobacco on top of a sweet, creamy chai tea, with some spice biscotti on the side. The smokiness never gets sharp, thanks to that honey and vanilla wrapped around it. The first day I sampled it, I kept inhaling deeply through my shirt where I dabbed the scent, seeking any hint of anything wrong, but nope--it kept telling me, "Yes, I'm dark and smoky and leathery, and you can't help loving me because I'm so darn sweet." I want to curl up with this scent and snog it. Super yummy. Super hot.
By   - from Seattle on 7/6/2015
When I wear this I am on a Mongolian yurt on the steepe. Tea is boiling and there is a lump of salted yak butter melting in my cup. It's smokey inside the yurt and the smell of horse sweat is on the breeze. The smoke is ancient and slightly barbaric smelling. This is a scent that comes in through the hind brain. It communicates with your ancient homo sapien DNA and urges you on to the nomadic.
By   - from Philadelphia on 12/29/2011
this smells like my brothers small apartment, 17 years ago! Used to hang out there with friends after school, drinking Lapsang Oolong from huge ceramic cups,(made by his artistic ex-girlfriend of course), listening to the Cure, techno and punk, thinking we were alternative and cool. Great memories, love it! (Actually, one of my friends likes Tea for two so much, that we`re going to by a bottle for her birthday.)
By   - from Bergen,Norway on 10/9/2011
Yea, this is certainly an acquired taste. I was looking for a tea scent and this is far from what I was looking for. I am so glad I bought a sample. It smells like leather, ashes, cookies and maybe some tea in there somewhere. Also, its kind of powdery? At first, the scent is completely unbearable to my nostrils, but then it calms down a little and its still terrible, but not as awful as in the beginning. Its not a terrible perfume, its just absolutely, 100% not my taste. Stinky.
By   - from champaign, IL on 9/9/2011
Face powder, cigarettes, a scented hanky and a bit of leather add up to a very interesting aura. An acquired taste, perhaps, but for those who dare... yes ma'am!
By   - from Hamden CT on 6/29/2011
I sprayed this on myself and thought... Wow - I smell EXACTLY like an ashtray. My grandmother's ashtray. and I loved it. I dont get smokey tea and I love a good smokey tea - I certainly do NOT get chai tea... but I do get ashtray of extremely well-groomed much loved grandmother. I truly crave this scent.
By   - from NJ on 6/28/2011
Gorgeous, complex, warm perfume - different and rather refined....I bought the sampler but will now get the bottle.
By   - Town Planner from Australia on 5/24/2011
Like SL Feminite du Bois, I keep coming back to this scent year after year. Not girly or floral or sweet or green, it's sexy and mysterious. This is not a sweet chai but rather a deep and smoky black tea. I get a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, but it's not Christmas-y. I've been combining it with Havana Vanille and it's divinely unique. This is also surprisingly long-lasting for L'Artisan.
By   - from San Jose on 5/1/2011
pour l'intrigue initiale et sa complexité je donne un 4 sur 5 mais ce parfum du même parfumier que "saffran troublant" laisse dans "tea for two" la même signature olfactive...étrange vu qu'ils n'ont pas les même composantes.... la vanille sur moi gache l'odeur de fond et laisse une touche poudreuse et lourde au lieu d'ancrer le parfum en longévité sur ma peau. il s agit, à mon avis, plus d'une odeur d'ambiance de piece que d'un parfum comme tel. frais-léger et capiteux à la fois, pas banal malgré tout. mais je cherche un parfum avec plus de personnnalité (Mission impossible qui sait ?!).
By   - from montréal on 12/14/2010
Mmmm! I love this! Spicey tea! I want a cup of Chai tea now! lol
By  on 10/20/2010
I fell in love with this when I first smelled it at Henri Bendel years ago, and I still adore it every time I break my promise not to spend so much on perfume and go ahead and buy another bottle. Spicy, sweet, smoky, sexy - I never feel like the girl next door when I wear this. More like Mata Hari. I smoked cigarettes for years before quitting a year ago, and can't detect any cigarette note in this on me at all, just the spicy smokiness of good incense. (Regarding the cost note below - I believe those used to be the usual prices for this scent, but I did a quick search before I bought my newest bottle from Luckyscent and their prices seem to match the current going rate from reputable vendors.)
By   - Designer from Boston on 6/18/2010
Someone below mentioned that Tea For Two is supposed to be $65 for the smaller bottle and $95 for the larger one? Where is this? I may be naive to think that it would actually cost that little but I really love this perfume.
By   - from NY on 2/16/2010
For some reason, I LOVE the smell (and to smell of) tobacco. I know this is supposed to smell of chai, and it does, but what I love about it is that it smells of tobacco - not the burnt smell, but that delicious smell of tobacco you get when you open a fresh pack of cigarettes - nothing but a memory now in this fascistic ago of non-smoking. I use this in alteration with Serge Lutens' Borneo 1834, another wonderful tobacco smell. I think Tea for Two is wonderful, but certainly not for everyone (thank goodness).
By   - attorney from Los Angeles on 5/20/2009
Very good scent... it's reminds me of Nina Ricci's Mémoire d'homme, but T42 is more wearable. Try it.
By   - from Tehran on 4/3/2009
I ordered a sample pack directly from L;Artisan and this one was included. I was thinking it would not be one of my favosites, as i was looking forward mostly to the vanilla and mure et musc. However, this ine was the best, hands down. it is spicy, with a touch of ginger, beeswax and smoke. Very good balance. Perfect for winter, though too warm for summer.
By  on 12/16/2008
Initial strong clove-ish note which settles into a creamy, honeyed clove. Stays close to my skin and lasts. Still using the samples, but it smells nicer every time I re-apply. Very, very nice.
By   - retired from CT on 9/21/2008
This is my top winter perfume ever. Smells like a cup of real highway roadside Indian chai, only made with Lapsang Souchong. Smoky, spicy, not too sweet (on me at least), and very comforting as the nights get colder.
By   - bookseller from London UK on 9/18/2008
Man, this one sounded so nice. Then again, they all do, don't they? However, this is unforgivably sweet. It smells like beeswax. Very, very sweet beeswax. Not honey. Beeswax. A real shame. Lasting power is fair (and thank God for being scrubbed off easily); it certainly lasted much more than an hour on me.
By  on 8/5/2008
This smells more like something I want to drink, rather than wear! On me it had a strong chai flavor with lots of licorice (anise). Fortunately, within an hour it was gone!
By  on 6/9/2008
This is a fabulous warm scent that grows on you. When I first smelled it, I was a little confused, because I wasn't expecting a spicy, chai-tea scent coming from a perfume. But at the same time I kept returning to it, and after multiple sniffs, I began to love it for its warmth and uniqueness. This is definitely one of those scents that will invoke strong memories. I can imagine it on a guy or a girl.
By   - student on 5/15/2008
I received a sample of, Tea for Two many-many months ago. At first, I didn't really care much for it, but as the months dwindled down up to this post (and after much re-sampling), I've grown to love it, as to finally order me a full bottle! It reminded me of a visit to a cigar shop many years ago, which I caught a whiff of Latakia Tobacco (which the scent is similar to Lapsang Souchong tea according to sources). Truly a great scent!
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 5/15/2008
Warm, gentle, faintly citrus tea leaf with sweet, smoky honey. This would be nice for work, pretty, unusual and unobtrusive. I really, really like the fragrance and would buy a bottle, if I could only get the scent to stay with me for more than an hour or so. Other people can't even smell it on me once my skin has gobbled it up. It won't even last on my clothes. I can't justify spending the cash on a scent that is so elusive. I have terrible luck with poor longevity from L'Artisan.
By   - Nurse from St. Louis on 3/23/2008
In the vial, this smells like smoky lemon tea. My skin really amps up the anise. For the first few minutes, it's a smoky, lemony licorice. The tea note emerges slowly and blends with the scent of lemon. It smells almost effervescent and bubbly. It reminds me a bit of Earl Grey tea with a healthy dose of lemon and just enough honey. I don't get the chai references, but I can see how this would easily smell like chai if your skin is more friendly with honey notes, but my skin really amps up green notes, so the anise is dominant. It's slightly medicinal on my skin, slightly sweet, very smoky. The only thing I can compare this to is calling in sick to work even though you only have a sore throat, rooting around in the garden on a warm but cloudy day, and then sipping on warm tea. Lasting power is a lot better than the other L'Artisans I've tried, and although I gravitate toward much different scents, this is also considerably more "me" than the others I've tried. However, I doubt I'll buy this because I just can't imagine myself ever really using it.
By  on 3/12/2008
I agree that this scent starts out with a poof of fragrant, beautiful smokiness. It makes me think of a fine Lapsang Souchong tea. After a while, the smokiness recedes and it's a comforting chai-like fragrance, with all the components blending seamlessly. It is almost delicate in nature. I think this scent is lovely, but not especially singular.
By   - from midwest, usa on 3/4/2008
WOW-I love this..It is so unique. It starts off so smoky and dry and ends with a deep, spicy, sweet vanilla with just a hint of the smoke. i love it from beginning to end!
By  on 2/21/2008
I love love love this perfume. It's so warm and sexy. I don't get the smokiness that some people get, on me its like a gorgeous cup of chai wrapped in yum.
By   - Student from Toronto on 1/31/2008
I love this and own a bottle. I don't wear it often. I try to find the right occassion, but every time I do, someone always asks if it's me that "smells like pipe tobacco?" "Yes it is," I say, forgiving them for not appreciating such a wonderful, cozy fragrance! I'll continue to wear it, and spray it on my pillow at night...
By   - from Chicago on 9/18/2007
I tried a sample of this, loved it, and went with the full bottle. So glad that I did, although it smells different when sprayed on than it did from the sample bottle. I did not get the smokiness from the sample, and it took me by surprise the first time I spritzed it. As others have said, the smoky scent (which is not unpleasant) fades within a few minutes, leaving only a hint of smoke in with the most delicious, comforting blend of scents that I could imagine. I would love to smell this on a man, but in the meantime I'll enjoy it on myself!
By   - Studen from Michigan on 9/4/2007
I loved the description of this, I love the smell of chai and was sure that this scent would be right up my alley. But, alas, no spice at all, just sweet, sweet, cloyingly sweet. But the scent only lasted a short time on me, about an hour, so I'm very happy I purchased a sample. I would still like to discover a good black tea scent. There is an odd note I detect in all of the L'Artisan fragrances I've smelled. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's definitely there.
By   - from Cincinnati on 8/17/2007
There is an initial plasitc-y note here, sort of like the top notes in Bulgari's 'Black', which, although I tried time and time again to fall in love with, just turned me off. It was this sort of 'burnt' smell that caused me to finally give up on it, and it's definitely in this fragrance as well.

I'm guessing that this scent appears as a result of attempting to capture the essence of black tea, although when I brew it, it smells nothing like this.

The drydown is much more palatable, with its aptly described 'chai' mixture of cinnamon and vanilla, but there is still something lingering in there that is a bit 'off'.

Though not wholly unpleasant, by any means, I think that I will continue to test this one out at different times of the month (you do realize that our hormones affect not only our sense of smell, but the fragrance on the skin as well, right?).

My favorites still remain the three L'Artisan lovelies of The Spice Trio, but this could be a decent addition.

By  on 8/14/2007
LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragarance. its sweet but not cloying , charming and playful. i like to mix it with saffran troublant and it always get compliments
By   - student from new york on 8/6/2007
Put me down as another who didn't find it heavy, but instead wonderfully refreshing. It lasted a decent amount of time (a good six hours), and I could not stop smelling myself. The spicy chai notes were there, but so subtle--I got much more green, fresh, clean, happy juice than spice. I'm going to get another sample and continue to wear it before I go for the full bottle, but this is one of the few perfumes that rate spending $100 to have it on my dresser. Wonderful during a summer heat wave, I'd love to smell it in fall or winter and see if it morphs with the seasons. A great fresh alternative when I don't feel like wearing my sweet Botrytis.
By   - from Michigan on 8/3/2007
Starts a bit plasticy and ends as a nice fresh tea scent on me, with just a touch of smoky. No ashtray here, but until dry down it's a little fake. Still, dry down is wonderful and very much a light summer scent on my skin. Odd to see so many comments call it dark or rich because it's neither on me.
By   - from Chesapeake on 7/21/2007
Warm, honeyed skin - that's the only way I can describe it when it reaches the drydown on my skin. My husband loves this on me also. One of his faves. No ashtray on me. There is a smokiness in the top notes but it disappears within minutes.
By   - from South OC, Calif. on 5/3/2007
I found this in Philadelphia as I was perfume shopping on a black, rainy day. When I first spritzed it on paper, it smelled like the old Vicks cough drops. Seriously. Still, I was intrigued and had to spray it on my skin just to see what happened. Oh. . . My . . . God . . .it is seriously sexy. Yes, it is smokey and yes, it is a bit dark. But there is also a subtle sweetness about it that balances all of the elements. I suspect it could be very different on people, depending on individual chemistry. But for those of us women who want a fragrance of interest and drama (stop with the floral-fruity, please), Tea for Two is sublime. Has nice lasting power, too. A moody fragrance for sensuous times.
By   - from Salt Lake City on 5/1/2007
First time I tried it, I hated it & smelled only smoke. Good thing I always try at least twice. Second time, it smelled just right - calming & cozy & warming. It's about 0 degrees F. tonight and I'm using a little T42 to take me away to warm dreams. A serious addiction now! Don't say I didn't warn you!
By   - lawyer from MN on 1/16/2007
I only got a tester, but I plan on buying it! When I first put it on, I immediately thought Cigs...GRODDDIE! After it's sits on the skin for a while it gets a unique spicy fragrance it's looses the heavy smokiness. If you have ever smoked a Djarum it will remind you of that, but much more suttle. It's a sort of masculine scent which I like it kind of reminds me of a softer version of Alexander Mc Queen's orginal fragrance.
By   - from Oakland, CA on 1/3/2007
I guess it's my skin chemistry, but it smells like cigarettes.
By   - from Phila on 10/18/2006
I hate to say this but this is gross. House fire indead, I'm washing this off pronto! Chai like, not so much. Chai for me is pumpkin pie like, I can actually smell Camel cigarette in this! YUCK!
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 9/20/2006
I Looooooooooooove it!!
By  on 9/18/2006
Lapsang souchong, not chai. This is very very smoky; it sounds great in theory (I love smoked tea), but when I tried it on it was too reminiscent of the smell of a house fire. Not a fan
By  on 9/16/2006
One of the my favorites. T42 & Fou D'Absinthe its best from L'Artisan... but very expensive ($110 for 100 ml). Enjoy!
By  on 8/30/2006
This smells deeply, richly beautiful like you're in the bottom of a cup of hot Indian tea, surrounded by lush red tapestries. It's perfect for the fall and winter holidays, and great to put on before you go to bed.
By   - from NYC on 7/24/2006
A sweetened and slightly smoky tea, not as fresh as most tea scents which is good for a change. Not a great fav though.
By  on 6/2/2006
I dabbed this on went downstairs & BF gasped "ARE YOU SMOKING AGAIN??!!" On me ...pure cigarette /ashtray smell. No tea at all.
By  on 3/31/2006
Great smokey tea with soft vanilla and some lemon in the drydown (even though lemon is not listed as a note, I swear I can smell it). It's beautiful and sensual and a must-have, for sure
By   - from NYC on 3/12/2006
Obviously, I love Chai tea. But this scent is all anise and sharp edges. I think my nose has been pampered by my favorite organic chai too long to appreciate this attempted facsimile.
By   - from austin on 10/16/2005
This is a well-crafted smoky tarry chai tea sweetened with honey, the kind of tea you love to smell but have difficulty actually drinking. The question that begs to be asked is do you really want to smell like chai tea? It's nice as a stand-alone piece of olfactive design, but for me not wearable.
By   - from San Francisco on 9/28/2005
This is great alone but I prefer it mixed with their other sents-like The Pour Une Ete or Patchouli Patch. Gets notice at the office!
By   - A Busy Woman from the Midwest on 6/28/2005
MMMM, this scent is wondeful - yummy, just like the description. I was literally "blown away" by the comforting-yet-sexy scent of this perfume. This is a great fall/winter cold weather scent.
By   - from Georgia on 5/5/2005
By far the best l'artisan!!!! smoky in the beginning like some teas, then vanilla/spice/tea. it lingers on and onnnn... by the way, usually sells for *65* not 85!!! I got 100ml (this one is 50ml) for 85 on sale at another site. normal prices are 65 and 95. just fyi.
By  on 1/12/2005
A little smoky, but it may appeal to some people nontheless. Not my fave L'Artisan.
By   - graphic artist from Chicago on 12/4/2003
I hear Tea for Two may be discontinued soon, so stock up on it now if you like it!
By   - freelancer from New York City on 12/1/2003
I find this fragrance addictive. Slightly mysterious and very yummy.
By   - from UK on 11/26/2003
By   - from Sacramento on 8/20/2003
Fantastic. Easily one of L'Artisan's best. Smells exactly like hot, steamy, spicy chai tea. This is NOT a floral fragrance, nor is it incensey/heavy. It's spicy, rich TEA...and if that sounds good to you, you'll love this one!
By   - from Juno, AK on 8/11/2003
Very smokey and warm, extremely different from anything else, but very, very nice.
By  on 7/6/2003
This is a beautiful scent...very warm and sensual. I love to wear this on a cold winter day...very cozy.
By   - from Arroyo Grande, CA on 6/19/2003
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