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Citrus Riviera

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Citrus Riviera...
Some samples come stronger than others depending on how long the juice has been in the plastic I notice. Anyway, CR is hands down one of the most masculine stand out citrus scents I've ever smelled. I want to smell fresh but not smell like I'm just sticking my nose into a cut in half lemon if you catch my drift. CR breaks that wheel. A "mandarin, neroli, fig dagger" is my most accurate discription for it.
By   - windows from vacaville on 5/25/2021
A lemon scent that actually has balls enough any man to wear. Not too dainty. Love this. Got a compliment from a married female coworker
By   - windows from vacaville on 12/28/2020
I expected to love this. With all those ingredients that scream this should be FRESH, it is just too soft for my taste. Nicely composed, and there isn't anything I actively dislike in terms of notes. But it all comes together in a way that is just too wall-flower-ish. I suppose it might be just right for the person who likes the IDEA of lemony fresh but always gets disappointed by sharp citrus fragrances.
By   - writer from Chicago on 11/19/2020
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