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I received a sample of this fragrance and I am glad I did not blindly buy the full bottle. I am not fond of "dirty" scents.
By   - Neuroscientist from Seattle on 7/30/2021
Extra pumps of blue coconut syrup over shaved ice. Blue coconut syrup stained teeth. Looking out at the cold rain from your window; pretending to be in a sad music video; wearing a warm soft grey Loro Piana cashmere sweater. ??Love
By   - Civil Engineer Estimator  from West Texas on 7/19/2021
Oh my goodness I love this frag so much. This is definitely cardamom forward on me, with the other notes on the edges bumping up the delicious creaminess. The longevity is absolutely astounding. I put it on yesterday in the late afternoon and it's 9:30 in the morning the next day and I can still smell it.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 6/13/2021
Spicy, jammy, fig&apple tart. What other people are describing as cream my nose is interpreting as butter more than anything else, which sounds weird but does work. And yet, with all of the above, this only alludes to gourmand. This is gourmand in the way Alice Waters or Samin Nosrat's *kitchen* might smell when crafting a magical dessert — with a window open and some unknown spicy floral wafting in — but not gourmand like you're wearing dessert.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles, CA on 4/28/2021
Beautiful creamy and sweet wood with difficult to describe cozy/comforting vibe. It smells definitely luxurious and a little bit tea like ?? Amazing experience worth the price.
By   - Self-employed from Los Angeles on 3/10/2021
I loved the sample I got of this, but I don't feel like the bottle I bought is quite the same. It has the same lovely opening notes of fig and cardamom, but then it dries down to a super cloying, almost dirty smell. I suspect it's just not combining well with my body chemistry, but I'm not sure why that didn't happen with the sample. I wonder if they changed the ingredients slightly? Either way, it's nice upfront and hopefully works better on other people.
By   - N/A from MA on 3/8/2021
I was so tempted to blind buy the whole bottle based on Demi Rawling's reviews of this. I love and swear by most of her reccommendations, but after looking up the note breakdown, I thought it'd be wise if I sampled it first. I was so blown away with how this smelt! I honestly was not expecting to like this. A beautiful slightly sweet, powdery, woody scent that isn't too light and airy, that has some depth to it. It's not too overpowering and strong, and it lasts about 4 hours on my skin. It feels like a very versatile fragrance to me, I personally would wear it any season. I think I've found my signature scent and I can't wait to buy the full bottle of this beauty.
By   - Receptionist from Perth, Western Australia on 2/8/2021
Whiff Whiff.. Reminds Me Of A Ole Time Fragrance From Henri Bendel Fig.It just won’t step down from straight Foward smelling fig aroma.
By   - Funeral Director  from Hunt Valley on 1/7/2021
I bought a full bottle of this after sampling it. It is my favorite cold weather fragrance right now, Spicey, ceamy fig with a slightly powdery iris. I love the sandalwood, which probably adds to the creaminess. Not overly sweet, which I really love, Longevity is a monster! On me, 10 hours. On clothes, 24 hours. Definitely unisex.
By   - Insurance from Omaha on 1/4/2021
This one triggers a lot of random nostalgia for me—mostly like, being in a college dining hall outside of mealtimes. It smells like walking through some buildings smells. I get the sandalwood and tonka, don't get much else specifically.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/14/2020
This was a blind buy for me, because I have a recommendation from one of my favourite YouTube favourite channels. Based off the fact that I thought this was a gourmand type fragrance. I definitely don’t think this is, for me the fig and the patchouli is all I can smell. It’s also very light and I don’t think this is a good snow for winter. Fall; I can see. I don’t regret buying it, but I will not re-purchase.
By   - Student  from Denton on 10/10/2020
It honestly smells like an expensive, grey, cashmere sweater. It's a touch spicy, soft, woody, almost cozy without being heavy. And there's the tiniest bit of sweetness in the back to keep it from being too dry. It projects nicely for about the first couple hours and lasts for for about 4-6 hours on my skin. After about 3 hours, it becomes a skin scent. Amazing fragrance that I can't wait to own in a full size.
By   - n/a from Atlanta on 8/21/2020
Wonderful smooth delightful definitely a wonder to smell.
By   - Night work from Surprise AZ on 8/19/2020
It reminds me on Tom Ford Santal Blush, its a great scent very sandalwood heavy in the dry down. It is elegant for sure , likely a fall/winter scent and it lasts
By   - Retail from Los Angeles on 8/18/2020
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