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Forest Lungs
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I was expecting this to smell green and fresh, like a walk in a forest, but it actually smells more like a Christmas tree inside a church - warm, dark, spicy and just a little bit smoky. It actually smells the way I expected Aesop's Hwyl to smell based on the reviews for that scent. Love Forest Lungs.
By   - Urban Planner from Toronto on 6/27/2021
It starts with cumin and curry; then, within seconds, it melts into an earthy, dirty, leafy laden mulch, with the cumin and curry taking a softer back seat for the rest of the ride. It is a trip not to be taken lightly. I’m a fragrance addict. I blind buy for the thrill of the first sniff. This scent may be a personal indulgence, a hidden vice, a ride on the road less traveled. Not everyone will understand or want to go.... but I do.
By   - Physician  from Louisville on 4/23/2021
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