Sir Winston

Extrait de Parfum

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I was looking forward to this because I love tobacco and oud and ambergris. Sir Winston became an amazing scent when I layered with War&Peace by Arrej Le Dore. A close to skin wonderful scent I was unable to stop sniffing my hand. Those two brands become Rojas level when mixed together.
By   - musician from Montreal on 12/24/2020
This is a pleasant, unoffensive sweet tobacco in my opinion. The tuberose gives off a bit of a bubble gummy vibe on the top, while the ambergris keeps it from getting too sweet. I don't really pick up on the green tea as much as I'd have liked, if anything I get more of a white tea. The whole composition lasted about 5 hours on my skin, and became a skin scent round hour 2. Bear in mind, my skin is like a perfume vacuum, so it may last longer on you. In all 4/5, only because of the price. If this was $100 cheaper, it'd be a 5/5.
By   - Student from new rochelle on 6/11/2020
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