Oud Maximus 2020

Extrait de Parfum

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bracing strong dense oud. lasts about 3 hours. strong heartnotes drysdown to a nice low tone skinscent salty ambergris. though its noted to have a complex makeup of great notes its strangely somewhat linear. my opinion: needs higher floral midnotes presence. and more topnote presence.
By   - N/A from planet on 5/22/2019
rbalkris A super interesting Oriental woody scent with distinct gourmand, floral and animalic facets, this offering from Bortnikoff showcases a nice natural Laotian Oud which grabs your attention the moment this lands on the skin even though it is really a base note. The opening and middle are brief. the perfume opens with citrus, jasmine, pepper and jasmine. At the heart is a nice jammy rose, frangipani, tonka bean, clove and gardenia. The base which comes fast and remains throughout the stay of the perfume is a heavy dose of Laotian Oud, civet, musk, birch tar, tolu balsam and vanilla. The resulting juice has a nice three dimensional projection and leans masculine. It has moderate to strong sillage and good longevity.
By   - Professor  from Charlottesville on 3/14/2019
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