L'Heure Exquise 2020

Extrait de Parfum

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Big. League. Chew. Bubblegum, but in the best possible way, and only in the silliage. On skin, this opens with an intense medicinal Oud, as well as a sweet ambergris, and dries down to milk chocolate, with whispy white woods lurking underneath. This is just plain fun and wearable. Completely unisex. I can literally see myself wearing this outside a Parisian cafe at sunset, sipping a hot coco on a cool fall evening. The longevity on this is great, and the projection is above average. People will notice this on you, and may think you’re chewing the most exquisite bubblegum ever made. If you like sweet fragrances, akin to Bee, Slowdive, or Saint may LOVE this. I certainly do.
By   - Wine Making Student from New Rochelle on 7/2/2020
A pleasing Oriental gourmand with floral facets to it, this is an offering with high quality natural ingredients and has a candy like vibe to it. The perfume opens with notes of bergamot, neroli and cardamom. The heart is a dense woody floral comprising of notes of jasmine, champaca, cacao, cedar, cypriol, camphor, myrrh and cloves. The perfume settles into a dense powdery base of tolu balsam, styrax, oud and ambergris. In spite of so many many dense ingredients, the perfume upon settling is a happy and pleasing scent and like many reviewers have noted has a candy or bubblegum like vibe. Moderate in sillage and projection and long lasting this can be classified as a unisex scent. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer  from Charlottesville on 3/23/2019
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