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Dead of Night

Eau de Parfum

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This is so good I am going to keep eyeballing the price and pray if I give it the evil eye long enough maybe it will melt and digress and become more affordable. A lot is going on in this, you have to try it is perfume-y which I usually don't like but the OUD element is dirty and creature like with a musky coriander back. Usually I don't care for rose or floral mixed with my OUD but this works with the perfume riding like incense. HELL YEAH.
By   - Smelting from Princeville on 6/28/2019
I bought this a few years ago at launch. The scent is heady oud and has good sillage and duration. It’s not a daily scent for me (just a preference, nothing against the scent), but I received lots of compliments on this one. Not like “you smell nice” but more like “Oh my god, what are you wearing? It’s so sexy.” Just the compliments are worth five stars.
By   - Software manager from Pensacola on 1/27/2019
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