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Lost In Flowers

Eau de Parfum

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I purchased this as a sample after spending quite a sum of $$$ on the perfume oil discovery set and was curious to see how this one smelled. I really liked SilenceTheSea, and MeltMyHeart was very nice. Strangelove is a "uni-sex" brand, but their scents err on the feminine side. This one is exactly what you would expect: a bouquet of flowers. The oud gives it a nice toned-down fragrance, so while it smells like flowers, there isn't a sharp tangy floral scent that is characteristic with most florals and the potpourri in your bathroom. Lost in Flowers is a wonderful floral perfume, and if you can stomach the price, I'd say it is worth adding to the collection, though it might be possible to find a cheaper option that is just as good.
By   - Student from West Palm Beach, FL on 1/25/2020
Lost in Flowers ....I'm lost in the $ figure and I can afford this... just sayin wow! I'm still trying to find out what 7 perfumes Dolly Parton blends because I hear she smells like Heaven!
By   - Property Investor  from BANNING on 10/2/2019
This nonsense is Louboutin-Pigalle-gift-to-myself-when-I-got-promoted good. It's verge-of-decay-hothouse good. Somebody please talk me out of this appallingly extravagant purchase.
By   - assessment nerd from Boston on 5/20/2018
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