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No.05 Kandilli- Perfume Oil

Perfume Oil Roll-On

15ml $57 $35
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My roommate used to cut the jasmine in our garden and hang it from the shower head; No. 05 reminds me of that. I suppose tuberose and jasmine are similar, but tuberose is too intense for me. No. 05 is super-feminine and very jasmine-y. It reminds me of a gorgeous perfume I wore in the 90's called Ceylon (Isabell). Caveat: the two times I've worn the No. 05 sample, my daughters have screeched, "Ewwwww! You smell like Tums!!! My big question: How do they know what Tums smell like? I guess my mom gives them Tums after they overeat unhealthy food at grandma's house. (gross) If you want to please the Tums-eating 9-11 crowd, stay away, but otherwise it's rich, floral, and it lasts forever.
By   - potter from Philly on 1/25/2019
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