Extrait de Parfum

by Di Ser

Kyara Sizes Available:
33ml $1,150
0.7ml sample $40
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This is very, very good - admittedly I tried the perfume only 5 minutes ago and it''s still sinking in, but from the first instant you can tell that it''s not something you smell often even among niche perfumes. Imagine a person with a strong and complicated personality but never "overdo" it. That is the perfume.
By   - eCommerce from Toronto on 10/4/2018
Curses FB advertising. This popped up on my FB page and I was incredulous about the price. About five hours later, after thinking about what perfume costs so much I came here to read about it. I was hooked. I immediately ordered samples of each scent offered here.The package arrived today and this is the first I have tried. It''s gorgeous. For me, it opens and holds a deep deep pine scent, very green, waxy and resinous. This is what I got from a very light application on my upper forearm. I could still smell the green gorgeous deep forest five, six hours later. I need to do a full application but given that the sample is so limited (0.5ml), I want to study the whole line before committing to a full wearing, but I''m hooked.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 5/3/2018
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