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Like the others, I was curious about the pedigree of oud-ness of this perfume, since I'm a complete oud fan and have been for some while. So... i bought a sample of the Kyara hoping to be transported into upper reaches of oud heaven. Just didn't do it and at the price, I can tell you there is stunning oud available in its pure state (roughly the same price for oud oil) that runs circles around this in terms of complexity, richness, inspiration, depth, and beauty without breaking a sweat. If I had bought a bottle I would be feeling rather stupid about now. Thank you, Lucky Scent, for the opportunity to sample rather than buy. You truly are the best. Try the Areej le Dore Oud Luwak.
By   - Architect from SARASOTA on 5/7/2019
The most beautiful perfume in the world today in my opinion, Kyara represents the Mount Everest of spiritually pure perfumery. This is the true equivalent of religion in a bottle. The perfume has a central note of pure and extremely difficult to distill Kyara Agarwood. This is surrounded by delicate natural notes of Japanese Rose, sandalwood, patchouli and hinoki (Japanese cedar) . It is a delicate, austere and shimmering Zen beauty that just caresses your skin and takes you to a higher spiritual plane never ever experienced before in modern perfumery. Make no mistake, this is closest a perfume will take you straight to heaven. Enjoy!
By   - Professor and Perfumer from Charlottesville on 1/22/2019
This is very, very good - admittedly I tried the perfume only 5 minutes ago and it's still sinking in, but from the first instant you can tell that it's not something you smell often even among niche perfumes. Imagine a person with a strong and complicated personality but never "overdo" it. That is the perfume.
By   - eCommerce from Toronto on 10/4/2018
Curses FB advertising. This popped up on my FB page and I was incredulous about the price. About five hours later, after thinking about what perfume costs so much I came here to read about it. I was hooked. I immediately ordered samples of each scent offered here. The package arrived today and this is the first I have tried. It's gorgeous. For me, it opens and holds a deep deep pine scent, very green, waxy and resinous. This is what I got from a very light application on my upper forearm. I could still smell the green gorgeous deep forest five, six hours later. I need to do a full application but given that the sample is so limited (0.5ml), I want to study the whole line before committing to a full wearing, but I'm hooked.
By   - Man about Town from Washington DC on 5/3/2018
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