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I'm into this. I don't love it but I want to have it on rotation. Goes on like a warm, mellow spice with just a bit of warmth. Hours later, still smells comforting. I do get the tiniest play-doh note so I'm going to try a few more times before splurging here, but I like the confidence and maturity (not as a euphemism for age!).
By   - Business from Boston on 10/24/2020
I've been wearing Ormonde Woman for two years on and off... I imagine a woman who knows what she wants wearing this perfume. A woman close to her nature, comfortable in her own skin. A powerful woman, but not business kind of powerful, but a very consciously aware woman, who knows something about life that others don't. There is something very calming and mysterious about this perfume, it feels like... like when you are taking a walk in the deep forest and the time stops. And you can sense the wisdom of the trees around you. This is a masterpiece in a bottle.
By   - Designer from Zurich on 8/22/2019
Lovely, complex, unique. Many compliments. Starts out very green and herbal. That initial, short burst of scent seems to be the moss, but I also get hints of a bouquet of fresh cilantro and freshly cut grass almost. It transitions There are so many layers to this scent. Long lasting, really beautiful to me. I have been searching for a signature fragrance for a long time, and this may be it. So nice.
By   - Librarian/Archivist from NYC on 1/2/2019
This is such an expertly blended experience, no one element stands out too strongly, it is a scent for an adult woman of the world. The florals are up front but not in any way girly or cloying, mellowed by the spices and amber into something that makes me think of spending time in a beautifully kept parlor filled with antiques. This scent feels like jewel toned light shining through a stained glass window onto a richly colored, thick hand loomed rug. It is a scent that evokes wealth, comfort, and sophistication.
By   - hedonist gourmand from Austin on 10/13/2018
Had high hopes for this and really, really wanted to love it. Two hours in, it just smells like Play-Doh on me. The drydown hasn't morphed it into anything warm, mysterious, sweet, or alluring... It just doesn't seem to play well with my chemistry. Alas, this will be one of the samples I give away to friends to try. If it happens to suddenly transform into something pretty, I will post an updated review. Sigh.
By   - Allied Health Professional from Ann Arbor on 1/20/2018
This is one of the all-time greatest fragrances ever - refined, smooth, very present, super-sophisticated. I can't get into "notes" b/c it isn't about "notes" - like all great perfumes, it transcends its component parts. The overall effect is sweet but in no way fruity, floral or sugary; lasting, but not at all cloying. It is a velvety, delicious, NOT food-y fragrance. Starts out grassy, then goes to a powdery sweetness with a light, creamy, NOT spicy woodiness. I guess it's the black hemlock that makes this so special. I've been wearing Ormonde Woman for a few years, and it is absolutely, unfailingly, start to finish beautiful. Nothing cheap or unpleasant! A really perfect, modern, "adult" perfume.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 9/20/2017
I get mostly cardamom and strangely, lots of orange and more orange. It's a nice scent, a bit spicy, unexpectedly foodie, more like a kitchen than a forest.
By   - Teacher from Chi on 8/9/2017
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