J.F. Schwarzlose


Eau de Parfum

Rausch Sizes Available:
50ml $160
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Rausch...
I've been on the hunt for the perfect woodsy, spicy, musky fragrance for a couple of years now, and put a sample of this in my cart a while back based on the notes alone. On me the vanilla and amber hit first, like a well carmelized confection straight out of the oven, and the woods and spice take a bit of a back seat. Its a dessert at a well reviewed restaurant that employs at least one dedicated pastry chef, sweet and spiced but not overtly so, a neat adult balance that hints at a liquor mix in at some point in the cooking process. Delicious it is, I am just not sure if I want to smell so gourmand all the time, so the search continues.
By   - Knowledge Seeker from Democratic Socialismland on 9/24/2020
Candy sweet pink sugar with a spritz. Like scratching and sniffing between the folds of Vanity Fair. Time heals.
By   - Smoke Collector from Princeville on 7/10/2019
Rich, sweet, woody (cedar), musky and expensive smelling fragrance. Not to be confused with the Gucci perfume of similar name. Rausch conveys urban sophistication very well. Like Trance, also from Schwarzlose, it has a full bodied complexity and is pleasing to the senses. I can't smell any vanilla as such, and certainly not cypriol, which is just as well. ((ever smelled cypriol? It's not very nice) The overall effect however is a real bombshell. -Tom Ford would be jealous. Well worth a purchase.
By   - Retired doctor from Stratford-upon-avon on 7/4/2019
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