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Amber Aoud Roja Dove. The most expensive blind buy I made and no sooner got rid of! This was oud done badly too much ambergris. They should've put more money into the perfume scent itself then their packaging presentation. All that glitters is not gold comes to mind with this one.
By   - . from NY on 9/23/2021
The description Luckyscent posted is a great description. Heck, it's why I tried a sample. This is not a danky, earthy aoud, but a crystalline lightweight aoud. There's a l9ad of fantastic rose here. It can be hard to get a nice rose that's not too sweet, the aoud helps prevent the rose from becoming cloying. I don't directly detect bergamot, but I suspect that helps as well. The fig is lovely. As its drying down, I'm getting some light citrus notes, and the fragrance is becoming more "unisex". Lovely!
By   - RN from Seattle on 12/10/2016
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