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Had my 1st dab of this a week ago, fell in love w its opening but twas gone in a flash, so I set it aside-so many others to sample. Fast-Fwd to last night. Oribe’s been nagging at me so I used it after my shower & applied more liberally-emptying the vial. The same lovely opening burst-crisp fresh w lightly sweet & citrusy tea, but this time also got powder & wood-both gentle. Beautiful combo! Settles to light powder & wood w wafts of tea freshness + longevity 6-8 hrs. I can’t not have this! But I just ordered Azemour & Fleur de Lalita FBs 3 days ago! But I can’t not have this! So asked hub for an early bday gift. He sniffed & said OKAY! He doesn’t know I just ordered 2 other FBs ;)) Shh.. This’ll be my last FB buy for this year-Promise!
By   - stay-at-home mom from Quezon City, Philippines on 11/10/2018
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