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I’ve gone though one bottle already. I bought this because I love the papiers d’armenie. This is the papiers in liquid form. I wish it was longer lasting. I would go berserk if they did a rose version. I need another bottle.
By   - anesthetist  from Kingston on 7/25/2020
Exactly how it's described, sweet, warm and resinous. Would have liked the resins to have come out more. I like very warm and smokey scents and while this one delivers for the most part I would have liked more of the smoke aspect, like the benzoin paper on fire, not just how it smells before you set it alight. I'll keep this one in my wishlist for an idea to give to someone looking for a gift for me, but I'm not going to rush out for a bottle right now.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 4/25/2019
This is a lovely calming scent that is so easy going. I cannot imagine it would be offensive to anyone.
By   - Actress from Ammon on 4/10/2019
I like this scent which is not over powering. Nice. Thank you Lucky Scent for making available. Cool box too!
By   - Sales from KC on 2/18/2019
Instantly transformed back into my college dorm room when I first sampled It smells *exactly* like an incense I used to buy, think was called "nag champa" or something like that Anyone who has ever been through a hippy phase in their lives will instantly recognize this Minus 1 star, the longevity and sillage isn't great For the price per mil, I expected a beast mode scent, and I got an EDT...I realize it _says_ EDP but it doesn't perform like one The initial blast is pretty powerful but after that it dies down quite a bit, unfortunately I get about 6-7 hours before it dies completely and isn't even noticeable when I press my arm up to my nose If they want to charge this much for this exact juice, it should be a 100ml bottle, not a 50ml
By   - Musician from NY on 1/26/2019
Big Red gum, I agree! Takes a few hours to mellow before the benzoin is not overpowered. Not a work scent for me, either. More like a hip coffee shop night out with friends. I'm on the fence about buying a bottle. Maybe after the government shutdown ends. That might be a while, so samples will do for now.
By   - Cat Herder from Norcal on 1/19/2019
It's strange how your nose encounters a smell differently every time. This is a great perfume to overlay. I guess I get the slight burning paper and resins, but it is much covered up by a huge dollop of vanilla .. oddly the vanilla does wear off by the minute to leave you with more resins.. being a huge resin /wood addict .. I like to overlay Nebbia Densa .. which is a very dry perfume . If anything Densa should be described as paper paper paper . Old paper. When I first smelled this..all I smelled was vanilla . But I think to encounter something strange or something your nose isn't used to (I'm somewhat new to perfume addiction) it takes a couple days of wearing to understand all the notes . Still tho . Very vanilla dollop.
By   - Loser from Sedona on 11/13/2018
Great fragrance! I'm enjoying my sample very much. It is indeed rather reminiscent of burning paper at first. I am really picking up a cinnamon note, though I know it isn't listed, but there is big red chewing gum somewhere in this.
By   - editor from Palm Springs on 10/7/2018
Warm inviting resins, Incense and a paper note to die for. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Easy to wear if you love benzoin coated incense paper. Its subtle yet noticeable, mesmerizing and beautifully nostalgic memories from a time gone by.
By   - Marketing Research from New Richmond on 12/26/2017
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