Eau de Parfum

by Mad et Len

Blackmusk Sizes Available:
50ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Blackmusk...
"Turn of the Light and Light a Candle" ... prepare yourself to sit still and wait for your partner to be captivated by a mysterious musk that's light and sweet. The sweetness is fruity with a little background of spices. I only wish I had 2 samples so I could spray the other wrist! The ultimate skin scent; I'll go through 50ml in one month.
By   - Retired Legal Professional from Washington DC on 10/15/2017
Very, very nice. Light musk with a hint of chocolate sweetness initially. Rich but not overly, not cloying. A very distant hint of fruit. The fruit develops over time, I get green apple but still contained within the thicker musk. A soft pepper note builds. By the long tail, it's a musty old garden of a former but aging royalty, with thick rotting vegetation and flowers. Fire crackling off in the distance. I just love it and will definitely be an upcoming purchase.
By   - Creative Director from Chicago on 2/20/2017
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