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Eau de Parfum

Maderas Sizes Available:
100ml $125
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Maderas...
Maderas is a beautiful, soft sandalwood, rich and gorgeously blended. The Sandalwood and tropical woods never compete for control. They surround each other, compliment each other, make each other better for it. No sharp edges, round, smooth and satisfying. Sillage is excellent, enveloping you in a Sandalwood haze. Longevity is also strong, hanging out for 8 plus hours. I love this every bit as much as I love my Tam Dao and Villoresi Sandalo. Highly recommended!!!
By   - Retired from Charlotte on 10/29/2016
Smooth, round, sensual. Most sandalwood fragrances have a sharp edge or drown in musk. This is slightly mysterious, easy and no harshness at all. No musk either, which is a boon for me, as I amp musk, and in summer, that's dangerous. It's my favorite of the ones I tried (and I tried only two), but a bottle of this in the fridge will make me happy.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 6/27/2016
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