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Love this clean smelling, long lasting, elegant scent. Incense yes, but on my skin it comes off a touch more soap and fresh laundry smelling. Marketed for the fall/winter but I cant wait for spring/summer. Great for compliments too.
By   - Nonprofit Executive from Boston on 10/6/2020
On my skin this smells like Dial soap. It's quite clean, it's very nice, it's sophisticated but absolutely not 'exactly'...or, even a little, incense. I thought it was just me, I thought maybe my nose had simply gotten used to it. Checked with my boyfriend. He'd smelled the sample, and was astonished that what I was wearing was what had come from the sample. It's deeply approachable for anyone who wants something incense-adjacent. It is, mostly, a true clean scent. A sophisticated clean scent, but clean scent, nonetheless.
By   - Bookseller from Los Angeles, CA on 7/20/2020
This is heartstopping and breathtaking. This scent immediately evokes cathedral incense, excited serenity (?), "Sunday Best" and anticipation.
By   - Designer from St. John's on 2/24/2020
If you love incense fragrances but haven't found quite the right one you should give this a try. Probably one of the most underrated incense fragrances I know of.
By   - Account Services  from Omaha, Ne on 3/8/2019
I got a sample of LAVS last year, and used up the small vial within a few days. After my olfactory introduction to LAVS, I realized it must have mutated my DNA somehow because I shortly thereafter I became obsessed with it, thinking about it every day, for months. I kept the vial and would often open it up and desperately try to get a whiff of the last remaining molecules. Finally last week I had had enough deprivation and bought myself a big bottle for my birthday, and it arrived today in the mail. Currently I'm in what I can only describe as a condition of "perfume ecstasy". If you've ever seen Bernini's statue The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, that's the kind of transverberation I'm talking about.
By   - Editor from Palm Springs on 11/12/2018
This is one incense ffragrance that just absolutley blows me away and is a must-have for me. It feels so deeply spiritual to me. I get tons of elemi resin upfront, with all the other notes supporting it just beautifully. I like how he worked in the cloves. This is not a spicy fragrance on me at all, the spice is very complimentary and subdued. Just enough to be present without smothering. IDK why, but this one makes me think of a Jewish synagogue. Odd...but that's what I think of for some reason. Big love. Buying a full bottle right now, actually.
By   - Mommy from San Francisco on 1/4/2018
Today, ME! is feeling very happy having moments ago received a black box containing one Glorious bottle of UNUM LAVS. :)
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 5/22/2017
Oh no, I didn't. OH YES, I DID! Bought it, that is. Signed, UNUM Anonymous
By   - Retired Artist from New York City on 5/15/2017
LAVS blows away the two frags I sampled from the Comme des Garçons Incense series. Even though I wasn't fond of the black pepper note which emerged in the drydown phase, I am giving LAVS 5 Stars. This is not what I would call a "generic" type of church incense, unlike Avignon and the like.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 2/20/2017
It smells so clean and sweet but not gourmand sweet. I just received my full bottle today! I love it. so much so that I am afraid that if it is sold out, I wonder if I should think of ordering a back-up supply in the near future, just in case. FIVE STARS!!!
By   - wife from Va on 6/1/2016
Good heavens...and I mean that literally. This is what I so often want incense scents to be -- smoky but cleansing, shadowy but not dark, spicy without being gourmand, with beautiful plant notes without being either overtly floral or green. The tonka in the drydown caps the experience with a beautiful kindly softness. I'm pretty sure wearing this in proximity to human noses is an act of healing all by itself.
By   - editor from Seattle on 3/6/2016
This incense smells like what the institution of the church aspires to be, but in a wearable form. Meditative, mystical, transcendent. I didn't know I would consider wearing incense until I got this beauty in sample roulette. If you already love incense, this one is worth trying.
By   - Desk Jockey from West Palm Beach on 2/19/2016
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