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Pretty and prone to unexpected shifts in perspective, this femme outing has a lovely clean floral heart -- geranium and heliotrope doing great work here of being retro without the least bit of stodginess -- and a surprisingly stalwart leather-driftwood base. (Not sure where the salt I’m picking up is coming from -- maybe the saffron’s hitting funny? -- but I’m strongly in favor of it.) It took a minute or so on my wrist for all the parts to start clicking together, but the results are titanic, as is the sillage.
By   - editor from Seattle on 12/23/2020
I am IN LOVE with this!!! I got a sample before buying. When I first wore it I overapplied it and it was overpowering and stifling. I thought I didn't like it, but I still brought it with me on a business trip. Wore it again today but I put just a small dab on my wrist and behind my ear. I got complements in the office. It smells so invigorating and clean. The marshmallow and nutmeg are balanced perfectly with the floral. It's a sweet floral with personality, and it's unlike anything else. This is stunning and rare. This is going to be my signature for spring/summer. Will be purchasing the full size.
By   - Tech from Chicago on 7/26/2018
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