Black V

Parfum Extrait

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This is a lovely, feminine, fairly long-lasting fragrance akin to Bond Chinatown.
By   - small business owner from Florida on 12/29/2018
This is peach brandy, warm peach pie, local honey, dry powdery cedar and pine. Perfect fall scent. Unique and delicious.
By   - Tech from Denver on 7/31/2018
A delightfully retro femme oriental with a wonderful sparkle after the big (and, yes, somewhat heavy) cinnamon-peach opening fanfare. There is indeed a bit of a callback to the bold, sensual women’s fragrances of the 1930s and 1940s (no accident, I suppose, that the notes are somewhat similar to the 1944 incarnation of Bandit?), and as with many fragrances of that era the sillage does not play around. Another win for the grown-and-sexy.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/16/2018
This is sticky sweet in the beginning. Heavy with thick, golden caramel. However, the middle and base notes give it a fizzy quality that cuts the sweetness and showcases the florals. I'm dubious this is the complete note list because I swear I can smell a jammy rose like the rose from Roses Musk by Montale. This fragrance is thick, rich opulent, but also surprisingly effervescent. The lemon, cedar and solar note combo must give it this quality. I think leans more feminine than masculine.
By   - Undecided  from San Diego on 5/29/2016
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