Anatole Lebreton

Fleur Cachee

Eau de Parfum

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This was a sample that was offered in one of my perfume hauls. I usually just simply dump the wee .7ml vials on my clothing, and go for it. On this particular occasion, I am glad I did. If you are on a diabetic mission like I am, get this gourmandy gem. The opening cast members give you a lovely natural woodsy tone with some light florals. The lasting scent is, and please bear with me, but it is honey, Maple syrup and a wee bit of antifreeze. The really cool thing about this one, is that you can smell it on yourself for hours. Although I love MFK BR540, it does ghost the person who has donned the fragrance, yet only gives the love to those in the perimeter. Fleur Cachee doesn't do that.
By   - Medical Sales from Dallas, Texas on 8/16/2021
This one truly blew me away! I can't explain how I smelled what I did in comparison with the listed notes, but here goes-- I got a huge blast of fresh wood smoke, honey, and walnut husk. The smoke notes are the cleanest and clearest I've ever encountered- and the walnut note is unique. The honey note seems to fade in about an hour, while the walnut smoke notes lasted all day. If the honey note could last as long as the other notes, it could be one of the best scents of all time. Profound!
By   - retired from mount aukum on 5/6/2021
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