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ooh, ok this might be my leather perfume. I love leather scents, and have sampled a bunch, but something about this one just clicked in my brain. on the wish list for sure
By   - editor from washington dc on 12/7/2020
Amazing Scent
By   - N/A from Chaguanas on 4/26/2019
All the notes are detectable here, which create an inviting autumnal or wintery mood by the fireplace on a leather Chesterfield sofa, reading poetry while sipping on an after-dinner drink. I love this one!
By   - Educator  from Dallas on 10/12/2018
Wow! Wow! What an amazing scent. The sweetness of the incense and leather combo is unbelievable. The incense in this is not smokey it's the sweetness of the incense itself which makes it even better of a fragrance. I really don't smell the congac or the woods for that matter. Maybe the beeswax is giving a little sweetness, however it's all about the leather and the steller incense. I promise it's not smoke thank goodness. Fantastic!!!!
By   - Sales Rep from Ferguson on 12/7/2016
Majestic!!! I feel honored to have found this scent - nothing compares to it (and I have high-quality leathers TF TuscanLeather, Marly Godolphin, early KnizeTen). It is multi-layered with a creamy, smokey feel. Incredible wood base stands out throughout the scent. It has superior projection and sillage - at least 9 hours. An overall unique and outstanding formulation.
By   - Psychotherapist AL/ Environmental Cleanup Mgr RL from BayArea on 3/4/2016
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