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Supposedly this is a unisex scent but I cannot imagine a man wearing this! Smells too much like an old lady's powder room. It also reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Tayler Passion. I would never buy the full size bottle of this.
By   - Food Packer from Merced on 8/12/2019
Did not really like this scent... too old lady..ish for me! And I bought the sample by mistake thinking that it was a feminine scent but it's actually a unisex scent. Not for me!! And I wouldn't want to smell this on a man either. Smells too much like old people for my taste.
By   - Food Packer from Merced on 8/4/2019
A dignified rose-vanilla patchouli, evoking opulent textiles stored in heavy wooden boxes and a beautiful desert-air dryness without leaning into what Mr Cusack was pleased to term patchouli stink. I'd nudge the femme-to-masc slider above a bit to the left, though.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/29/2018
Perhaps it is my particular chemistry, but I detected little patchouli in this fragrance. Perhaps it is my nostalgia for old fashioned hippie patchouli oil, but it left me feeling slightly let down. That said, this is an enjoyable fragrance. I got a rather heady spicy vanilla coumarin opening, followed by about an hour and a half very clean and powdered smelling iris and musk. It settled into a woody cleanliness with spiciness and just the tiniest hint of the patchouli. It was really quite an elegant, grown up fragrance. It seems suitable for any gender or age to me. Projection was moderate and it lasted well through the day. Maybe it is better for evening than day if your workplace is formal. Not what I expected and hoped for, but good for other reasons--so no real complaints!
By   - from Saint Paul on 7/29/2015
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