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Straight up campfire. I don't get much subtlety or various other notes mentioned in the description, except perhaps some vanilla. Incredible longevity for any fragrance, much less a natural one. While it's overwhelmingly smoky, it is still pleasant in a strange way. Still, something to wear for yourself rather than others.
By   - Health Care from San Diego, CA on 1/12/2021
Is this the Mr. Hyde of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fame?... I love the campfire vibe that my skin grabs and runs with. It's great to wear in cool/cold weather. I see it supposedly leans masculine but as a woman I really enjoy wearing it. I think it's unisex if you can handle it. My daughter caught a whiff of it and also gave it a thumbs up, and she rarely likes ANYTHING. When I finally run out of samples I will definitely purchase an entire bottle.
By   - artist from somewhere in the South on 12/23/2020
A great smokey scent! I did not recieve a lemon scent. I recieved more of a vanilla aroma with a strong hint of spice! I will purchase this fragrance.
By   - Sales from Mpls on 7/28/2020
Smokey, malty birch tar, a bit of bergamot, tiniest dash of vanilla. The smoke doesn’t overwhelm on me, stays gently in the background. Lasts a good 8-10 hours on me. As a woman I would wear this, likely in the evening but am loving it working from home. Bottle worthy!
By   - Varied from St Paul on 6/30/2020
My goodness, this is amazing! Out of the samples I received when I purchased Slowdive I immediately loved this one. I think it should absolutely be considered an Incense scent. But in this case, it opens with smoke and more smoke - almost like a BBQ or Beach Fire but quickly evolves into a wonderful smelling incense of Labdanum, Oakmoss, Vanilla, and just keeps smelling that way for hours. Incredible longevity for a natural perfume too... I wake up smelling like a bonfire with Incense... at least 12 hours of sillage for this one on me. Incredible!!
By   - Technology Specialist from San Francisco on 5/10/2019
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