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Amazing stuff! I try not to read the stated notes just before I try my sample to just go with what I smell, not what I'm supposed to. This reminds me of root beer spices, like sassafras-- just very aromatic and spicy-delicious. Lovely.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 4/22/2018
Utterly delicious, like the most elegant spiced gingerbread imaginable. I usually avoid unisex fragrances and tend toward the femme side of the spectrum, but this is that rare unisex fragrance that is femme enough for me. And as bewitching as it is on its own, I think it will also be a superb layering fragrance. (Just among the Casamorati range alone, I can see it being a decadent accompaniment for either Bouquet Ideale or Lira.) So glad I tried this!
By   - Novelist and lady in waiting from Atlanta on 8/30/2017
I think I'm in love. Absolutely intoxicating in the best traditions of truly French scents, complex, yet familiar on an intuitive level. I can't stop sniffing myself. I generally prefer a more pronounced leather, but 1888 only hints ar it, which ultimately makes it more wearable. The sandalwood is also faint - and as someone who dislikes a strong sandalwood, yet loves the accord, I'm thrilled. The rose is spectacular, beautifully framed and balanced. I almost hate to say it (as this is SO much more refined), but there is a similarity to vintage CD Poison. It's not immediately noticeable, far more subdued, more in atmosphere rather than scent. This is definitely a FB purchase for me - albeit the price is intimidating. But worth it.
By   - Sabbatical from New York on 10/6/2016
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