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Gran Ballo

Eau de Parfum

Gran Ballo Sizes Available:
100ml $290 $190
0.7ml sample $5
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Gran Ballo opens with a burst of youthful exuberance in the form of berries and citrus. In many ways, it is a less gourmand Lira, or a more youthful Darcy. Lovely and fresh yet still regal, Gran Ballo is an aristocratic young woman full of life and promise. Glittering florals spin across the ballroom, arching into waltz poses with partners of vanilla, sandalwood, and caramel in turn. And what beautiful couples they make. In the drydown, the florals slip into the shadows with their partners, turning sultry and gourmand as the sensuous ambergris emerges. This is a coming-out of florals, a celebration of youth and beauty.
By   - Writer from High Point, NC on 3/4/2019
A higher end version of Viva La Juicy. It is not worth the asking price to me....
By   - Photography  from Richmond on 1/28/2017
A beautiful soft sweet floral opening. The floral mix is amazingly blended, warm but not heavy. This progresses where the amber and caramel come more into play while the florals linger in the background. The vanilla amber caramel combination are also gentle, warm, and soft which is wonderfully delicious. There are fluctuating shades of fruity undertones which skilfully adds depth and a playful sense of intrigue to the sweetness. Overall an appetizingly elegant, and flirtatious fragrance.
By   - n/a from n/a on 9/3/2016
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