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LiTA is a bit of a swerve in a new direction from the other Bogues I have tried. I mean this in a good way. LiVA is not trying to be a sweet beast like Maai, or a cornucopia of notes like 07738. It has a slow and lovely unfolding that stays on my skin for well over 8 hours. Each stage is remarkable and each is quite different to my nose. I rate LiVA as one of the best scents I have smelled in quite some time.
By   - consultant from CHARLOTTESVILLE on 2/27/2021
I own numerous Bogue fragrances and love each one. I find LiTA to be one of the best among such gems as Maai, Mem, 07738, . But is is also far different than the ones I have named. It is smokier, and it evolves beautifully over many hours. I agree with its description--a scent which is an attempt to mix notes that appear and disappear in ways that very few fragrances I have tried (and I have tried a great many) have accomplished.. For those who love Bogue fragrances, this might be a bit of a surprise. I have read that some compare it to Zoologist's Tyrannosaurus Rex, a great beast I love. I can see a slight resemblance, but at least for the moment I think LiVA is more subtle and successful.
By   - consultant from CHARLOTTESVILLE on 2/6/2021
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