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This is the version of Botrytis that I can get away wearing to work without people thinking I came in straight from a night of partying. Please restock soon!
By   - worksforpay from north country on 5/31/2017
Sweet, simple, doesn't have any prominent note, just sweet boring smell...
By   - Accountant  from NewYork on 3/28/2017
Everytime I smell this perfume on my skin, it makes me want to dance! Is it the honey or the wine or both? I don't know, but it's a perfect match for me ! I really like Viktoria Minya's elegant unique style & I'm always looking forward to see her new creations but this one is my favorite!
By   - Consultant from Paris on 12/6/2015
A beautiful boozy honey perfume that is sweet and feminine. One of my favorite honey based perfumes. Sweeter and no smoked fruit aroma like in Ginestet's Botrytis, and it doesn't have the sexy animalic effect of Xerjoff's Mamluk, or that Arabian intensity like Arabian Oud's Kalemat, or the heavy incense and spices of Kurkdjian's Absolue Pour le Soir. A much tamer honey perfume that makes me happy when I wear it and that works best for cooler weather. Honey lovers should definitely check it out!
By   - nurse/youtube reviewer from Pacific Northwest on 11/13/2015
a sweet, warm floral, and it is reminiscent of wine. I'm not a big jasmine fan but it's attractive not stinky here. very likeable.
By  on 5/10/2015
A scrubber. Smells like Amariage, which is very old-womany.... I got no wine or honey notes
By  on 1/9/2015
I came here wondering if someone compared it to Botrytis and yes I see it's already been said. I smelled my tester then almost immediately my heart sank. It really is a less magical version of Botrytis to me, and I am such a sucker for honey, and sometimes I'm horrid with money, but I'll waste none on this dupe. I want that overwhelming, drunken, earth moving beneath me feel that Hedonist gives. I'm still chasing that high and I'll keep smelling everything Viktoria Minya releases.
By  on 12/24/2014
Just ok, smells like honey and like a dull version of Botrytis, which I find to be the superior perfume. Don't believe the hype on this.
By   - Broker on 12/3/2014
This was a blind buy and I am very happy with my purchase. Being 1/2 Hungarian, I have had wine from the Tokaji region. This perfume smells so much like the wine it is unbelievable. It is given warmth and depth with the honey smell. I love this so much. I think of this as a party fragrance or New Year's Eve, special night out, scent. It is fun, lively, and definitely not like any other fragrance I have smelled (and I have smelled ALOT). If you are into sweet fragrances, wine, and parties...this is the fragrance for you! Egészségedre! (Cheers!)
By   - from Louisville on 11/28/2014
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