Majda Bekkali

J'ai Fait Un Reve - Clair

Eau de Parfum

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A woody, white floral bouquet. Soft, powdery, a little indolic. It has a breezy, hazy quality so the name actually suits it. Reminds me a little of Puredistance Opardu, but not as heady. The cumin adds a bit of an edge, initially, keeping it a little dirty and earthy, but it doesn't last. Definitely a skin scent on me and the drydown is sweeter and more dense- not my favorite part.
By   - Day tripper from NYC on 2/22/2019
Although I don’t like all of her scents, I do appreciate the variety that Bekkali seems to be able to display. The perfumes are well-balanced, unique, long-lived. This one starts off jasmine and heady which I liked. The jasmine died away which made me sad as I like white florals and I was left with an orange, floral, slightly soapy scent. Smells very traditionally “Perfume” with a capital “P”. Like what my great-aunt Hazel smelled like (she wore Shalimar). I respect it, but am not interested in identifying with this type of scent.
By   - Herding Cats from Menlo Park on 7/21/2016
I got this for my birthday and it blew my mind. Gorgeous! I rank it with my favorite, Amouage Gold.
By   - Author on 9/23/2013
On me this provokes memories of something like Shalimar, Emeraude, or Forever Krystle. I don't know why and I don't know which exactly.
By   - from St. Louis on 8/24/2013
This smell amazing! I really like it.
By  on 6/11/2013
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