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Enchanted Forest is so fascinating. At first sniff, it’s fruity and jammy with a piney undertone that’s absolutely intriguing. As it settles, it feels like taking a bite out of a tart unnameable (though I guess that’s black currant) fruit while standing at the edge of a great, dark forest. My mind immediately went to a Peter and the Wolf picture book I had as a child. On the dry down, it becomes herbal in a rounded, not harsh way. Finally, it takes on a subtle woody almost masculine tone. Stellar, and a journey.
By   - Person from New York on 7/21/2021
I love the whimsical theme and when I smelled this for the first time, I pictured Hobbits and Elves running around in some medieval forest. This is a very well-crafted fragrance that is very sappy and green. I get about 6 hours longevity from it and I do occasionally receive compliments (if that's your thing, it's not mine). It's well suited for the warmer months. Land of Warriors is my favorite fragrance from this house with Enchanted Forest coming in second. I do not recommend blind buying this fragrance as I do not see it as mass appealing.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 5/5/2021
I loved it very nice smell get a lot of good complements. For me every time I smell it i fall in love with it every time. Worth the money
By   - Security from Las vegas on 1/26/2021
Really interesting, lovely clear cassis. Not for me but very true, sophisticated, juicy. Glad i sampled!
By   - Business from Boston on 10/22/2020
GORGEOUS berries and forest. Fresh and still warm. Truly unisex. Worth every penny. On my skin this opens with fresh black current, slightly syrupy, like end of summer berries. The mid level, 30 min mark this smells like your walking through a forest of pine and the nettles are being crunched under foot. The dry down is a bit masculine for me, woody with a hint of vanilla making it warm yet somehow clean, almost minty. Just a beautiful scent. I'll be buying a full bottle soon.
By   - Accountant from Clinton on 9/23/2019
A gorgeous scent... I love it. Juicy wild-berry fruits with blackcurrant presiding... brilliant, tangy brambles giving it almost a tropical fruit quality, not unlike guava or passionfruit. Tantalizing balsams and woods whisper behind them. The fruit always has a broken stemmy, spicy quality, so it never ever becomes sweet. All floralcy is restrained, as are the vanilla and animalics, giving the spotlight to the vine-y, thorny blackcurrant. Like a berry patch in a hidden, grassy Oregon forest, replete with the tree canopy and cool misty air. Unique and enchanting.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/12/2018
I agree with whoever said this would make a better candle, the cassis leaf turns to BO on my skin, and the SO wouldn't even try it. That said, if you can pull this off, it is dark and mysterious, with the effect of dangerous dark woods achieved.
By   - lab tech from metropotamia on 2/11/2017
Enchanted Forest is one of my all time favorites from Lucky Scent, and I have tried well over 100. And as an aside, I have tried 2 of the scents they recommend if you like Enchanted Forest--I also ADORE Wode and Black by CDG. Good job of matching up similar fragrances!
By   - writer from Chicago on 2/7/2017
Wow. My first impression was lemon verbena, geranium, mint, sage... Just a sweet, tangy, refreshing herbal scent. Then I started to pick up on some cinnamon & spice, maybe clove with orange peel. My oh my this is delicious. As much as I am salivating over it, I don't know that i'd want to smell like this, but I'd be thrilled to have a candle in this scent! However I am impatient and have not yet experienced the drydown, so maybe I'll feel different in an hour.
By   - Property manager from Orange County on 4/5/2016
The most unique fragrance I've ever tried. Smells just like Christmas to me, withthe pine scent being pretty noticable. The black current makes for a unique top note.
By   - Attorney from Chicago on 2/6/2016
The most sour black currant I've ever smelled with a hint of sour pine and dry, sour, soapy aldehydes. I find this scent to be really unpleasant and unwearable, and I can't pick out most of the listed notes. The black currant is definitely overwhelming on me.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/9/2015
This is the breeze mentioned in Stardust, wafting from Faerie and filled with pine and blackcurrant and pixiedust, that makes the sparks from the fire glow strange colors and puts strange dreams into the hearts of men. Do you dare cross the Wall and sample the delights of another realm? It's not for the faint of heart.
By   - Seamstress from Athol on 5/29/2015
Imagine a fresh morning breeze, enchanted at the edge of a snow blanketed meadow, a grapefruit in a dish upon linen, the black current bouquet from a fine wine. You have awaken from a sweet dream of rich pathway adventures, pushed back your little red riding hood and smiled. Welcome to the Enchanted Forest.
By   - Poet/Writer/Caregiver from San Diego on 12/19/2014
I had to try this because the bottle is so pretty! It smells exactly like a Christmas tree strung with a fresh cranberry garland. When I was little we would go into the woods and cut a live Christmas tree. Then my mom would put apple cider on our wood burning stove and we would sit around stringing bags of fresh cranberries on to strings with carpet needles. This is exactly what this perfume smells like to me!
By   - SAHM  from SoCal on 7/2/2014
Smells like pungent blackcurrent for the most part and thats really it. Way too sweet and doesn't conjure forest images at all. I cant imagine this on a man. It is very one-dimensional considering the many splendid sounding notes,
By   - broker on 5/29/2014
The rich juiciness of this scent is kind of exciting, like stumbling into the impenetrable shadows of summer forest, which remains dark even at midday. However, its audacity makes me think of cartoons and villains. This is what Mr. Glass from Unbreakable smells like. Or the Joker. Fruity and imbalanced. Wearing purple underwear.
By   - from Santa Fe on 4/25/2014
I'm reminded of grape bubble gum.
By   - from Miami on 9/16/2013
I don't know all the lingo and I'm not going to devote much time to flowery language. All I can say is that this is the most luscious, enchanting perfume I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. I adore it on me. The first time I wore it I could not stop smelling myself. Entirely heady and distracting. I thought I'd not be able to wear it at work if I wanted to get anything done. But the sample allowed me to wear it a few times and I eventually regained my senses enough to do my job. Every time I wore it someone commented positively on it. If your scale went up that high, I'd give it a 10. Just ordered the full size. Cannot WAIT until it arrives. :-)
By  on 8/17/2013
I love it! It is so unique and authentic and original! I have to say that there is a phase when it is not very appealing on my skin, but that goes away quickly! it is refreshing and musky berries all over!
By  on 5/16/2013
This is a very familiar scent of black current, not just berries, like in many fruity fragrances, but entire bush with branches and leaves. The smell is so authentic that it instantly transports me back to Russia and back in time to my childhood when I spent my summers at dacha (Russian summer house). We had a lot of bushes of black current and it smelled exactly like Enchanted Forest. Yet, this perfume is more complex, there is something else intermingles with black current, I just cannot tell what it is. The creator of this perfume is a genius! Because of my memories I envision sunny summer day, not dark, mysterious, almost scary forest, as it was described. I do not pick up fir notes at all, and it is alright with me, since I am already more than impressed. When I first apply Enchanted forest on my clothes, I smell some flowers as well, may be carnation, in addition to predominant note of black current. On my skin, I do not pick up flowers at all. This is a very precious perfume to me and I am looking forward to buying a full bottle of it. For me it is impossible to enjoy perfumes without having this beauty in my collection. I applaud Bertrand Duchaufour for creating this masterpiece!
By   - from Miami, FL on 4/8/2013
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