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Eau de Parfum

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This is the equivalent of olfactory velvet. It's so smooth and soft. I received a sample and ended up buying a bottle. All the notes are there, but blended so perfectly that they don't call themselves out one by one. It's just a gorgeous, calming, addictive scent that hovers around you.
By   - Student from Nashville on 12/24/2017
Pure pleasure to my nose. Seriously, its superb and screams sexy. I received my first bottle 11/21/16 after testing samples two years ago and I fell I'm complete as far as scents. By no means am I saying it tops everything else but its a gem in my opinion. Take my word and give it a try and I hope you enjoy this gift from Naomi as I do. Happy Holidays, 1
By   - Musician  from New york city on 11/22/2016
I'm a sucker for sueded leather scents. While I like this, it smells literally nothing like the notes listed. On me, it smells like a really pretty iris-musk scent with a hint of warmth from perhaps the tobacco. But honestly: rum? Labdanum? Incense? Not getting any of those. It was definitely more leathery on paper. I got this sample while at the scent bar and I almost wonder if there's been a mixup w my sample! Nonetheless, whatever I'm smelling is gorgeous. The cool iris is perfect right now as we're settling into the hottest time of the year in San Francisco. Normally, iris is a little too cold for me, but I'm digging some of the warmer notes mixed in to take off the austere edges of the iris.
By   - Analyst  from San Francisco on 9/7/2016
Cuir Velours is an Iris of the outdoors situated in a controlled campfire. Not sure if the pencil shavings at the end are intentional or not; I find the entire composition pleasant enough where I can highly recommend this fragrance to lovers of Iris.
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 8/28/2016
One of my favorite leathers. The immortelle is lovely and the incense and cistus keep things in balance.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
Beautiful! subtle and smokey. Can't stop smelling it...
By  on 12/30/2014
Beautiful! subtle and smokey. Can't stop smelling it...
By  on 12/30/2014
Amazing stuff. Reminds me of Serge Lutens Daim Blond without the apricot note. The essence of buttery suede, amplified. As rich as Donald Trump but much classier.
By  on 12/13/2014
Another perfume I've tried based on great reviews. I am normally a floral fragrance lover but this is sensational and wonderful if you thinking of a foray into warm, leathery scents. The opening is quite tobacco-y and leathery, but this doesn't last too long. All I can smell now is rum, incense, musk and a slight sweetness that is reminding me of turkish delight? It has turned out to be a sweeter perfume than I'd anticipated (definitely the immortelle!) and I kind of wish the leather/tobacco smell lasted longer or was more prominent in the base notes. Great sillage and four hours in, reasonable lasting power. Am definitely considering the bottle!!
By   - from Perth, Western Australia on 10/26/2014
I'm not very good at identifying specific notes. Cuir Velours for me is more about a feeling rather than a particular scent. It surrounds my head with a very warm, soft, and comforting scent without broadcasting any particular note. The sillage is fantastic and, being a EDP, it lasts forever. I like Cuir Ottoman, but this is far superior.
By   - from South Carolina on 1/10/2014
Easy... Rich and satisfying.
By  on 1/18/2013
Very similar to the no longer available Reve En Cuir by Indult. Love this and half the price!!
By  on 1/16/2013
Gorgeous lightly sweet leather fragrance on my skin. Warm and lovely. Very wearable by woman and men that love something unique. I would say its a smooth leather resembling a little of PdE Cuir Ottoman.
By  on 12/14/2012
This is a gorgeous perfume... Reminds me a bit of Serge Lutens Boxeuses and PdE Cuir Ottoman. Beautiful and easy to wear, with an elegant and inviting air. Love it!
By   - from San Diego on 11/24/2012
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